knife in a sentence

He grabbed a butter knife and began spreading jelly on a biscuit. All the while, I couldn't block the vision of the wife I so loved, being herded at knife point. She hesitated, but saw I still held the knife by my side. During an attempt at a mass breakout Dull Knife was killed. bloodstained clothes is sitting on a small milking stool intently sharpening a knife. Only to find herself staring at the bubbles of blood forming from within his fist, which was clamped around the blade of a knife a few inches from her face. In 1878 Cheyennes under Dull Knife and Little Wolf left their reservation in Oklahoma and headed north to their former tribal homeland. Brady drew close enough to one of the fed security members and drew his knife. Plagued by the ill-formed memories, she looked at the scars lining her arms before stretching for the knife beside the bread. We might compare him to an anatomist, with knife and scalpel dissecting the dead body of Italy, and pointing out the symptoms of her manifold diseases with the indifferent analysis of one who has no moral sensibility. The gamma knife delivers a single high dose of radiation at targets of just several millimeters up to 3 centimeters in diameter. Surprised, she twisted in time to see a tall form hack again and again at the Black God, whose own knife was planted in the attacker's chest. Knife-edge sentence examples knife-edge In the former case the control is generally due to gravity, the plates being so balanced on the knife edge that they tend to take up a certain fixed position from which they are constrained when the electric forces come into play, their displacement relatively to the fixed plates being shown on a scale and thus indicating the P. D. The downside was someone always managed to hit Jackson with a bullet or two or drive a knife into him, and break the tip off in a bone. carvespan>carving knife, for example, is a piece of cutlery. A small knife hinged on a pointed backing of copper (31) seems to have been made for hair curlin.g and toilet purposes. Katie swiped it, glad the trees didn't have a taste for metal as well as Immortal sustenance. They perform complicated surgical operations with an obsidian knife or a shark's tooth. The prisoner disabled without killing and without using his knife, which was tucked in his boot. The knife wasn't like hers – dull enough she had to saw through things with effort. Once broken glass has been removed, use a hacking knife to cut away the old putty. sharp knife cut smaller squares off with the blade at an angle. 3 people chose this as the best definition of knife: The definition of a knife... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The doubleedged straight flint knife dates from S.D. She squeezed her eyes closed, bracing herself for the fire of a knife ripping into her skin. According to a case summary, the defendant had bought a large knife and gloves from a … In dressing mica the "books" are split along the cleavage into sheets of the required thickness, and the sheets trimmed into rectangles with a sharp knife, shears or guillotine, stained and damaged portions being rejected. The aborigines of the northern parts of Victoria (Australia) believe that the earth was made by Pund-jel, the bird-creator, who sliced the valleys with a knife. She changed quickly out of her sleepwear and loaded her body down with weapons then drew a knife and her gun. The killer brought the knife up there and made sure they weren't seen. It didn't, though it did motion to her belt. He sliced his forearm and tucked the knife beneath his pillow once more, closing his eyes. A knife caught her arm, and she ducked a punch in the cramped space. blocks cut with a knife on wood plankwise, as distinct from wood engravings which are cut with a burin on the end grain, a more modern innovation. The death-dealer's clothing was tattered from demon strikes, his body smelling of blood sure to incense the creatures he fought. He just shoved the knife in his stomach and jerked it out. Jenn placed the blade of a knife between her teeth and pried the window of her bathroom open. When she saw him, she put her knife away but didn't lose the wariness. The way I figure it, Edith took the knife the night when she first tried on the dress. The latter raises the moss and bark gently with his knife in search of insects; the former lays open logs to their core with his axe, and moss and bark fly far and wide. piercek if the chicken is done by piercing with a sharp knife in a fleshy bit. The belt buckle that deflected the knife from his heart was now irritating the scar. In it are carried, by literati and merchants, the pen-case and a roll of paper; its voluminous folds are used as pockets; by the bazaar people and villagers, porters and merchants servants, a small sheath knife is struck in it; while by farrashes, the carpet-spreader class, a large khanjar, or curved dagger, with a heavy ivory handle, is carried. (2) A blunt knife may be sharpened on a stone, but if … He shoved a plate and knife toward Alex and then sat down. Peter found plantain on the wicket and got his knife out to remove it. At least Kris hadn't stabbed him with the enforcer dagger, or Rhyn would be dead. Rhyn lopped the head off the last demon and wiped his knife again. I finally pulled my knife from the night-stand and waved it at him. He pulled free a knife and flipped it in the air, catching it. I asked as I stroked my knife against her cheek. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. hefts a large sword around with relative ease and can mow down other classes like a knife through butter. Ocular adnexal injuries like lid lacerations occur rarely during episiotomy or with the surgical knife during delivery with cesarean section has been noted 5. left-handed bread knife One of our most popular items. She whirled and drew her knife, ready to kill all of them. Between year ending March 2010 and year ending March 2017 there was an increase in the proportion of offenders receiving an immediate custodial Damian launched forward, snatching the tube and whipping out a knife. Capture begins among the lower tribes with the hand, without devices, developing knack and skill in seizing, pursuing, climbing, swimming, and maiming without weapons; and proceeds to gathering with devices that take the place of the hand in dipping, digging, hooking and grasping; weapons for striking, whether clubs, missiles or projectiles; edged weapons of capture, which were rare in America; piercing devices for capture, in lances, barbed spears, harpoons and arrows; traps for enclosing, arresting and killing, such as pens, cages, pits, pen-falls, nets, hooks, nooses, clutches, adhesives, deadfalls, impalers, knife traps and poisons; animals consciously and unconsciously aiding in capture; fire in the form of torches, beacons, burning out and smoking out; poisons and asphyxiators; the accessories to hunting, including such changes in food, dress, shelter, travelling, packing, mechanical tools and intellectual apparatus as demanded by these arts. The Healer reached down, rolling up the leg of her jeans to reveal a small sheathe with a knife. She sure gives a lot of detail, the borrowed knife, him looking up, her wearing a disguise. Score flesh of chicken breasts using a sharp knife. It hit me, I think with the handle of the knife and when I went down, he kicked the shit out of me. At that point I started seeing a psychoanalyst because I couldn't see a knife without wanting to cut my wrists. By the prudent use of the knife, fruit trees may be readily trained into the forms indicated below, which are amongst the best out of the many which have been devised. He handed Dusty the knife and pulled off the high-collared vest to expose his throat. In works of art he is generally represented with a large knife, the instrument of his martyrdom, or, as in Michelangelo's "Last Judgment," with his own skin hanging over his arm. Using the palette knife spread icing onto the sides. He hoped she wasn't going to play a King Solomon and cut the damn thing in half but he withdrew a Swiss Army knife from his pocket. Ne'Rin pulled a dark grey knife from his boot. In medieval times, everyone carried their general purpose knife in a leather scabbard. Or you can sneak up behind unsuspecting mercenary types and knife them in the spine, if you're a particularly malicious individual. The principal tools of the Malays are the parang or golok, a heavy knife used in the jungle, without which no peasant ever stirs abroad from his house, the beliong or native axe, and the pisau Taut, which is used for scraping rattan. CK12359593I've got a knife. She started to saw at them with the knife. The saw is first found as a notched bronze knife of the IHrd Dynasty. I came through the door and the knife came at me. Rhyn maneuvered until his back was to Gabe's, and he reached back to snatch the knife Gabe kept strapped to one thigh. Using a channeling knife, carefully remove a long thin lace from around a peeled parsnip. His buddy grabbed her and wrapped one arm around her neck, the cold blade of a knife biting her throat. Jessi panicked as the guy holding her whipped out a knife. Gabe pried the knife free and tossed it on the bed, reading the message. Katie pulled up the sleeve of her soaked sweater and nicked her arm. Jule looked up from strapping a knife to his calf and accepted the phone. I have heard of many going astray even in the village streets, when the darkness was so thick that you could cut it with a knife, as the saying is. The hopper is carried on two knife - edges, one on each side, and is prevented from tipping over fore and aft by a pair of parallel motion bars on each side. When his warm lips pressed against the soft area behind her ear, she abandoned the knife and turned around, expecting to see a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his lips. The wood was thick and wet. she said, furious. Shall I take a knife and tear open my mother's bosom? The knife was left up there to implicate me. he said, turning to an officer who wished to cut himself a piece of mutton. In other types of electrostatic instruments the movable system rotates round a horizontal axis or rests upon knife edges like a scale beam; in others again the movable system is suspended by a wire. Fully turned forms occur in the 1st Dynasty; but as late as the XIIth Dynasty the lower part of small vases is usually trimmed with a knife. Cut a small slit into each ball about 2cm long using a Stanley knife or similar sharp blade. The official insignia of the flamen Dialis (of Jupiter), the highest of these priests, were the white cap (pileus, albogalerus), at the top of which was an olive branch and a woollen thread; the laena, a thick woollen toga praetexta woven by his wife; the sacrificial knife; and a rod to keep the people from him when on his way to offer sacrifice. knife were sharpening knives (an action, somehow, which put me in mind of French housewives cutting bread ). On the tree being lifted from its hole the roots should be examined, and all which have been severed roughly with the spade should have the ends cut smooth with the knife to facilitate the emission of fibres. With a knife beside her, she wrapped her arms around her knees and huddled, trying to keep warm. Amid jokes about his skill with a knife, they shared bites and endured more pictures. Paint applied thickly with a palette knife has a deep impasto. cauterize the wound with the Knife Of Orokiah. Someone took a lot of time and did a real number on him with a knife. A rod, connected at its lower end with the steelyard, carries at its upper end a horizontal dividing knife, which cuts off the flow from the shoot when the steelyard kicks. To butterfly chicken, use poultry shears or a sharp knife to split the bird lengthways along one side of the backbone. She snatched a wooden cutting board as the maid rounded a counter with the knife raised. was investing Paris with Henry of Navarre, Jacques Clement, a Dominican friar, was introduced into his presence on false letters of recommendation, and plunged a knife into the lower part of his body. When she felt the knife near one ankle, she lashed out at him. He whipped out a curved knife from the small of his back and tossed it in the air, catching it easily. Brandishing a huge knife, with which he wounded Colonel Rathbone who attempted to hold him, the assassin rushed through the stage-box to the front and leaped down upon the stage, escaping behind the scenes and from the rear of the building, but was pursued, and twelve days afterwards shot in a barn where he had concealed himself. The safe usage of cutting tools including a sheath knife which you will keep. The judge must impose the new minimum sentence unless the court is of the opinion that there are particular circumstances which relate to the offence, the previous offence(s), or the offender which would make it unjust in all the circumstances. Uncertain, she offered it to the phantom, who shook its head. When the cashier opened the till the offender pulled a knife from his pocket and threatened the cashier with it. Knife possession sentencing quarterly brief, October 2013 to December 2013 published. When he reached for his knife, it was all I could do not to shrink away from him. She twisted, one knife drawn before she recognized Darian's dark shape crouched over her feet. By the 1820s there were three times as many pen knife cutlers as there had been fifty years earlier. What grand memories of chopping the huge lumps of coal with a butcher's knife. she shouted and flung the knife into the nearby brush. 3 2. Then, he realizes in terror that the knife is hovering above his right nipple. As she watched, he took a knife and sliced his wrist. Despite this, the assassin's speed and strikes didn't falter. Instead of waiting for the Other to attack again, Darian spun and plunged his knife into the creature's belly. Slowly she extracted the knife she'd found and with her long and lovely fingers began to methodically cut away at the line. Obsidian and rock crystal were also used for knife making. She resisted the urge to reach for a knife, knowing this was a test without knowing what answer it was Darian wanted.

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