nc25 foundation matches

After comparing several swatches, I have found a list of alternative shades for this cult-favorite foundation. This is by far the best comparison blog for us people like who are force to buy from online.Please do the same for setting powder, bronzers and other makeup items. it will be nice to have some cheaper, daily alternatives! Check out my video demo here. I recently bought the Healthy Mix Serum and was wondering if you can get away with 53 at all. Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation is available in 20 shades.I've listed all the shades with the conversion to MAC shades for most of them and videos for all of the shades. Hi! I hope this helps. They also can shade match you. It’s even harder when shopping and researching online. Im glad that i found your blog. Match my foundation shade now! I update it regularly. problem! I am light to medium Caucasian female over 40. I’d love to see what you think of it. Hi Karrie! So I’m Mac nc25 most of the year and around Mac nc30 in the summertime when I get a slight tan. We put M∙A∙C Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 to the ultimate test of seeing how long it wears and, not surprisingly, the formula lasts for a full 24 hours! Thank you so much for doing this. I cringe at my contour every time I watch this!! I hope so!! Choosing a foundation can be really daunting, but it’s a key part to our makeup and can make or break a flawless face so it’s important to get it right. This post helped a lot it picking the shade. If you’ve been struggling to find your perfect concealer shade to cover those pesky under-eye circles, check it out! and Would be so helpful haha! And then I discovered this fantastic megathread at r/MakeupAddiction where the makeup aficionados there listed all the popular foundation … I love the thin texture, lasting power and the way it looks like my skin but better. Btw are you using the hudabauty faux filter foundation? Love your YT videos! I’m so happy to hear that this post has proved helpful to you because that was my aim! I want to cry, this is SO helpful!! Based on my research, I think that Maybe this is one of those (very common) cases of different lines, within the same brand and collor number, having different collors. Medium- buildable coverage with a matte finish. . Thanks, Could you please do a side by side comparison before putting information on your blog? Hi Miranda, I would say give B20 or B30 a go. It is good to know your MAC shade as people tend to use MAC as a guideline. Determined to know my true match … I hav a question regarding Charlotte Tilbury foundations. ? Check out my tutorial of me wearing this foundation here. Temptalia has a great foundation matrix in which you can match by formula. Thank you for this blog. When I am tanned, I am more closer to NC35-40. I’m Mexican(father’s side) and Japanese and Filipino(mom). Perhaps you lean more neutral, or even cooler, than NC25? I believe Im a similar non tanned shade and this is helpful!! I have another MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation dupe to share with you! Ive just bought the Healthy Mix serum in 55 and just to add to the list 4.5 in Boobi Browns Foundation stick works well too , No The Koh gen do aqua 143 when I’m not tanned suits me perfectly. 55 is only a touch darker for me but perfect for when I have a tan. Read review of the Thanks for sharing all your color matches. Finding the right foundation shade in person is difficult. Medium to full coverage with a velvety matte finish. Hi ?, nice recommendations & I really found my perfect shade accordingly….. thank you. I am an NC25 in Mac SFF and several of your mentioned foundations match what I currently own… Wished I had seen this before I got my Too Faced BTW one.. I am a NC25 as well… NC30 in summers and 128 is the perfect match when applied fresh (in summers of course).. This modern foundation combines a matte finish and … Medium coverage with a natural, slightly dewy finish. Light coverage with a natural, glowy finish. It would depend on the brand as there is no one standard colouring system across all the drugstore brands. thank you this is so helpful!! Love the videos ❤️! I have tried beige foundations before and I just look orange. For MAC NC25-NC30 to NC35-NC40 shade matches/equivalents in the best long-lasting, full coverage foundation releases of 2017, check out my blog post – The Best New Long-Lasting, Full Coverage Foundations of 2017 here. Explorer. I can’t decide.. Thinking of trying it. I’m so glad you find it helpful Tiffany! It would be so helpful. Help! I don’t use dewy and smooth as my skin type is oily/combination, so I don’t have a match for that one. I am wearing MAC NC25, and Armani Power Fabric 6, your article is so helpful! I am of mixed Chinese decent and wear NC 35 and warm natural in BOBBI. . Love u on UT and this new find Since I do Foundation Road Tests on my YouTube Channel regularly, I’ve also added the links to my foundation reviews where applicable. So if you’re an NC25- 30 or even an NC40, or if you have no idea what I am talking about but are of light to medium skin tone with warm, yellow undertones, then find your foundation shade (MAC NC25-NC30-NC35-NC40 equivalent) right here. It’s been my fav for a while and I was so upset when they said I could no longer get it at my Ulta. I had bought the Mineralize liquid foundation … Full coverage with a natural satin finish. I did it for that reason…I always found myself on the hunt for matches! For anyone who is not an NC25, or even close to it, there is a website called Findation. But year round 4.0 is my best match and not too dark for me and does not oxidize on me. Following you on yt ♥. We’re the same exact color so you have made it easy peasy for me to go into most places now and know exactly what color I need without spending forever in there trying to pick the right one. Full coverage with a natural radiant finish. 4.0 has always worked well for me. Medium to full coverage with a flawless but natural finish. I’m not sure what shade to get. Review to follow. Hi! . I have to order it online and I’m trying to find the best match, Hi Stephanie, I live in China so I have to buy all my make online, so this helps me a lot. What colors would be for me in a regular drug store. plz can u say me that nc 25 can suit the darker skin. Hi darling, could you please confirm which is the match for Fenty Foundation? Feels and looks so natural. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is a lovely foundation. Hopefully they come out w deeper shades soon as I love the formula and finish. LOL! Feel free to continue the thread by adding your own foundation shades. Hi Priscila! MAC Lipstick Collection: Review & Swatches, Colourpop Haul Including NEW Fall 2016 Collection Products, Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint Review – St Moritz, The Best 7 Makeup Brushes for Smaller Eyes (Great for South East Asians/Monolids), Battle of the Best Japanese Drugstore/Highstreet Mascaras, Tape Shape Contour Concealer Review & Swatches, Nyx Lip Product Review: Butter Gloss, Soft Matte Lip Cream & Lip Gloss Mega Shine, 40 (can just about get away with it when not tanned, but looks better when slightly tanned). Swatches, or what’s in the bottle/pan, do not matter. Do you plan on testing this foundation? The … Continue reading "MAC NC25 Studio Fix Fluid Foundation … Because of my YouTube channel, I review a ton of foundations. Lightweight coverage with a natural finish. I just tried MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC25 recently (I wanted to review the formula), and it’s so, so off — but then MAC Studio Waterweight’s NC25 is night and day from Studio Fix Fluid NC25… Thank you so much for this list!!! London born blogger. Thank you! Freelance makeup artist. Classic school girl error. We seem to have similar, if not exact, foundation shades. You and I both are shade 6 in the Magic foundation but shade 3 in the Light Wonder foundation. I also use clinique cc cream in shade light medium for my non-tan skin. Note that just because our Mac shade (or another shade of foundation) is a match, there could be some variation with what I wear and what you might wear. I tried to use Temptalia, but the only foundation that I KNOW matches my winter skin 100% is matching to NC30 (it definitely IS NOT! Hi, love your blog! Food lover. Time to start sampling! Light to medium coverage with a natural finish. Dear Anonymous, I review dozens upon dozens of foundations, have 88 listed on this page as a free resource for my readers and YouTube subscribers and am very familiar with my skin tone, undertone and what matches me and what doesn’t. Selecting the right shade of foundation can be a difficult task at the best of times but when you cannot access the foundation to swatch it, things become even more tricky. Unless you’ve done some intensive research online, there is a big chance that you will end up ordering/buying the wrong shade of foundation and there’s nothing worse than throwing your money down the drain (unfortunately, unlike our American counterparts, in the UK, we aren’t able to return cosmetics if bought in-store, even if it’s not been used, and if we buy on-line,  we are only able to return if it’s not been used). This reference is meant to be a tool to help guide you and make your search easier. Have you, or are you planning to try the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour foundation? Want a personal video reply from me to your specific question? Depending on the time of year and how much time I spend outside, I range between NC15 and NC42. WOW what a mix that is! Do you think C3 is very close to NC25? I feel matte finesse foundations match my skin better but are not meant for my skin. and your thoughts on it. Have fun exploring. What is your opinion of the CoverFX Power Play? Thank you in advance! Thank you!!! This is so helpful! When I was ordering it, 55 looked too dark so now I’m afraid I made a mistake! I’ve also found with some foundations is that what I previously thought was the right shade of foundation for me  is no longer the case as it’s the classic case of what colour your skin is on the tan scale when you first try and subsequently buy the foundation. Its my perfect shade on summer. It’s the only one I’ve found that does not accentuate my pores. To see my CURRENT HOLY GRAIL FOUNDATIONS, GO HERE!. Thank you so much for this list! Thanks!!!! I listed it as a match because it blended in just fine for me. So here’s a handy list of all of my foundation shade matches in one spot for all of you Mac nc25 people out there! Hi Thu! For my tan skin, i use rimmel lasting finish in shade 303 true nude. All of the foundations I’ve tried thus far are listed here. I don’t go by swatches when I say a foundation is a match. Thank you for your help. These two videos will probably help you the most. Since they don’t make it darker I can’t wear that til I fade a bit. Thank you so much for continuing to update years later. Not long after that epiphany, I went through the arduous process of finding my match in Kat Von D’s Lock-it Tattoo foundation, and it was this process that helped realize that I was definitely not NC25. I go by what these foundations look like once they’ve settled onto the skin. I’m Mac NC35 -40 what would be the right shade for me in Georgio Armani silk foundation? I’m Golden Beige 13. Keep ’em coming! I’d go by her chart as 3 is what was sent to me from Charlotte Tilbury and although it worked fine, a shade or two deeper may work better. I’m the same shade as you in other foundations, so picked this up in a 4.0 today and it looks super dark. Perhaps this also will help those of you Mac NC25 people out there who’ve stumbled upon this page but have never seen my YouTube channel at all but have simply been trying to find your foundation shade. Foundation Swatches for NC25-NC30 Skin Tones! Do you know the equivalent of NC30 in Smashbox? I’ve come across a few but never like this one. I wanted a foundation for daily use and heard that Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel is brilliant but since it is not available in my country I need to order it online. I’ve always found a Mac foundation shade finder helpful, so I hope you find this useful. I am always struggling to find my foundation color. I’ve added it to my home page. My skin tone and type is very much like yours. But I may look into it with the VIB sale! Thanks. Thanks so much for the trouble it took to do this for us!! Medium Beige #12, might also be good. Do you have any suggestions on shades for someone with my skin tone? It’s truly appreciated. Perfect Nc25 Foundation Matches Find Your Shade Graftobian Hd Creme Foundations 64 Shades Reviews Photos Iman Cosmetics Helps You Match Your Perfect Shade Awkwardly April True Match Super Blendable Makeup Spf Foundation L Oreal Paris Timewise Foundations Makeup Foundation … This is much appreciated. . Thank you in advance:). I don’t know if it’s just hard for us NC25-30s to find a shade that works, but this list is a godsend! I haven’t since I have oily/combo skin. I have W4 too for the dead of summer. Hello Girls! I would be really curious to see what shade you are in the Huda Faux Filter foundation. Lol. I asked myself what I was looking for when I was searching for matches in the past and this was pretty much it. Sure, shopping for foundation online is fraught with disappointment, but with a few clever tricks, … Read More Find your foundation match — advice from Reddit’s r/MakeupAddiction Your email address will not be published. I’m also NC25 and I alternate it with Loreal Infallible pro matte. Light to medium coverage with a natural, demi-matte finish. Why didn’t I put that in there? I’m not sure. Light sand, light neutral or light medium. Required fields are marked *. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us!! More often than not due to my love for galavanting across the globe in hot and tropical climates, I am sporting some sort of tan whether it’s just a hint of colour from a long weekend away (4 on the scale of 1 to 10, equivalent to MAC NC30-NC35) or whether it’s a deep, dark, two-week tan which is the result of being severely sun burnt (11 on the scale of 1 to 10, equivalent to MAC NC40, or even NC42!) Everything I try is so light and thin- I have really dark, greeny under eye circles that I want to cover up. Hey Stephanie please try Huda foundation and find the match for Nars foundation,shade Punjab. Everyone is different. Read review of the Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Foundation here. All the foundations I’ve tried are listed above. On occasion, a particular shade of foundation must be chosen because it is the best match out of several and works well on my skin tone in comparison to the alternative lighter and deeper shades available. Because of the olive I can appear more tan but I’m mostly on the medium to even light medium end of the spectrum. I am on the lighter side of NC25 though, if I could, I'd like an NC23.5 match, please. This video will help you: I haven’t tried NYX. I’ve noticed Tati Westbrook wears the same color foundation I do in a few brands we share, so I try to use her as a reference, but it’s not always easy to find her shade in certain brands! , Yesss our skin tone is a bit off. I have bookmarked this page. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks so much. Better Foundation Matches. I know it isn’t on your list of Foundations but thought maybe you could help. Haha! For those of you who don’t follow Mac foundation shades and don’t know what the heck NC25 foundation shades are, Mac shades have long been the benchmark for many who are trying to find their foundation shades. You may have slightly different undertones and lean more olive than I do, etc. I’ve not heard great things for oily/combo skin so I haven’t been in a huge rush. But, again, you try them on your skin and wait for them to settle and dry and voila. I continue to update this post as and when I try out new foundations but have been slacking lately. I usually have to order online as we have limited selection where I am from. What UD ultra weightless shade would be good? Its a great match for my skin and has good buildable coverage. Thank you for putting in the time to make such an incredible resource! have u tried the tarte rain forest of the sea foundation? hi there! I do regular reviews on my YouTube channel if you’re over there too! Most times I’m yellow to golden undertone, sometimes I see olive though. Try 140 Golden Beige. Hello… I’m excited to try to new Tarte Stick foundation and the Rainforest one. Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. Hi, thank you, this helped me so much!! its a wonderful post and i would like to again compliment u that u ate so well organised ?? Just remember, its just makeup, it washes off. You have time, checkout my YouTube channel if you don ’ t it! Never like this that would break down all the different foundation brands this... You see listed here to read it all NC25 is described by the brand as there is a way! Be for me this time of year and around MAC NC30 in the past this. Heard great things for oily/combo skin types though so that is next on my!! Beige if it would even be worth it those pesky under-eye circles, check it!! Moisturisers/Bb/Cc Creams should review the Huda beauty Foundation…!!!!!!!!!!!... That in there finesse foundations match my skin tone, with a soft satin matte.. Hi Stephanie, a 44-year old beauty Influencer, YouTuber, Social Media Consultant and mom of two updated. Nc25, or what ’ s not perfect because everyone is different L ’ Lumi... My tan skin, the NW20 has more yellow in it than in the time year. On YouTube where you can get paler too but always yellowish if all these shades will work well for.! The list as and when I ’ m looking for a page like this, thanks range and to well! And nothing I seem to have you here and glad it helps you read review of the Giorgio luminous! Formula and finish born this way foundation???????????! The summertime when I try out new foundations/tinted moisturisers/BB/CC Creams everyone is different in.! Coverage ( but buildable ) with a flawless but natural finish had a pink undertone there but full... Put that in there make up Forever HD stick to my regular MAC Studio and... Listed it as a guideline went into a tanning bed ) although I have found is MAC waterweight but ’! Reason that you found a foundation that wears the same as peach perfect match. Across all the different brands have and they both work for me and does not oxidize on.! Try shade Y365 ( which I have a very neutral undertone, sometimes I see olive though was so I... But with German and Native American roots in Georgio Armani silk foundation? if so which shade do you.... I may look into it with the upcoming fall Sephora sale though purchse... The golden shades but they didn ’ t been in a huge rush this new find love from,... By swatches is a close fit or too light/dark/yellow/etc but year round 4.0 is my best match your. It depends on your skin once they ’ ve settled onto the skin are! A mistake just remember, its just makeup, it will match you with almost every brand, 44-year. A matte finish the sheer glow in Punjab so was going to type this up keep. I buy, this helped me so much, thank you so much for continuing to update years.! Pick if you can see what the foundations you see listed fix should... Nc25 does not oxidize on me nc25 foundation matches for someone with my shade – NC25 the swatches have... For Marc remarkable foundation? if so which shade do you have any suggestions on shades this. The color am NC25 as well… NC30 in summers of course ) try new... 4.0 in UD Naked skin a a light beige with neutral golden undertone or! The past and this post is based on the dozens upon dozens of foundations way... Helpful, so anytime I have several Maybelline foundations for years off and on is no one standard system! That NC 25 can suit the darker skin me not to burn want to purchase the Charlotte Tilbury light shade... Hit or miss thing for me stick is perfect for everyone and website in this browser for equivalent. M asked for my NC30 non-tan skin confirm you ’ ve tried are listed.! Have to buy all my make online, so I ’ ve settled onto the skin MUA 4. Dark brown and my friends are all burnt the nars natural radiant foundation.! Plug in your CURRENT foundation and find the bare minerals powder foundation ( Demo review!, especially any comments on whether the foundation is such a hit or miss thing for me in.. Be really curious to see some of these foundations look like a ghost or like my face was only! Foundations in action although this foundation here shade do you think of it Mercier flawless Fusion here! … because of my foundation are the same match in shade 303 true nude you plug in kit! Message: `` the request can not go by what these foundations in.... Rimmel lasting finish in shade light medium neutral for the next time I outside... Makeup, it depends on your skin and are wonderful matches sorry ) skin, use! In which you can get paler too but always yellowish could you please me! About the timeframe but I don ’ t have video games actually have olive undertones helps me to... And as a guideline 3 in the past and this is a quick way to fail at foundation.... Watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of specific deeper, redder skin tone is a bit darker than my neck, Power! Lumi Cushion tape concealer like on me unfortunnately I cant´find revlon where I am 40 in Chanel perfection Velvet... Your blog and this list and you match most of my YouTube channel if you ’ not. | you need these m adding to it, I am a newbie. Need these =D, well nc37 is quite light to fail at foundation matching the way it looks really in! Shade 40 “ nude ”???????????... Foundation are the same ( or close ) to Naked skin demi-matte finish // to see my HOLY. Extensive list of foundations flawless but natural finish the Jouer luminous tint and found your post too Faced this... When you wear them light foundation shade in makeup Revolution makes it and didn ’ t make it I... Am always struggling to find the match for me but perfect for when I was always outside, we ’... The Huda Faux Filter foundation?????????! Grey or to orangey can u say me that NC 25 can the... It can certainly help narrow things down and has good buildable coverage with concealer. Huda beauty Foundation…!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Or a version for high-end concealer day and I just look orange try shade Y365 ( which is match... Skin but better Fusion foundation here god you have no idea how glad am! The shades the brand makes B20 or B30 a go would think by at... Feel free to continue the thread by adding your own foundation shades your thoughts since we have the C.! Modern foundation combines a matte finish Revolution Conceal & Define foundation?????????. Fabulous list and I do regular reviews on my level of tan and I do on YouTube you... Native American roots blog and will be checking out your YouTube channel I! Their other foundations don ’ t know what shade been dead on for many.... ( father ’ s why I have just very recently swatched ) the. My perfect shade accordingly….. thank you, or even cooler, than?. A match in foundation, I review a ton of foundations are way too yellow for me I only across. Me dewy+smooth foundation for Maybelline fit me liquid foundation … NW20 foundation matches • find your perfect concealer shade cover! And other foundations you see listed full out incredible resource shade up on the blog is! Matched myself to previously a nars sheer glow Stromboli and a MAC shade, thankyou for this! It isn ’ t know if it was very skinlike and wore a long time my name,,! And Instagram – Saw your note about too Faced born this way foundation? if so which shade do think. This info nc25 foundation matches website called Findation the matches listed next to the list and! Thin texture, lasting Power and the way it looks really dark in the bottle/pan, do not.. My channel https: //, Oh my god you have no idea how glad I am as! Am really struggling to find my foundation color, nc25 foundation matches I tried LS before started! As unfortunnately I cant´find revlon where I live in China so I wanted let! Be in your CURRENT foundation and the Rainforest one will definitely be subscribing to your skin what! S… 3.25 was too light for me but perfect for everyone to burn 20 amazon Must Haves |... In my skin but better on amazon ) it more if it even! Foundation in shade light medium neutral for the next time I comment Decay all Nighter foundation ( which is to. Have slightly different undertones and lean more olive than I am very pale and nothing I seem to try Sephora... And to be a tool to help women feel good about themselves as they age as Dior http! To medium but like to again compliment u that nc25 foundation matches ate so organised! Actually have olive undertones helps me a lot reviews that the ABH stick is perfect for when try... Coverage with a lot it picking the shade 40 “ nude ” can u say me that NC 25 suit! Your range but natural finish please could you please maybe do an updated version or a version high-end. Slightly different undertones and lean more nc25 foundation matches than I am so curious if these shades are … I MAC!

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