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You’ve probably noticed that, as you sit here meditating—thinking about the breath, evaluating the breath—you’re talking to yourself. It freezes up, like an engine that has run out of oil. This principle applies to harsh speech, and it also applies to divisive speech, because there are times when you see one of your friends suddenly developing a friendship with someone you know is abusive, you know is corrupt, you know is going to harm your friend, and you’ve got to find the right way to protect your friend. Right Speech During Trying Times October 21, 2020 by Peter Carlson | Oct 22, 2020 | Listen to Dharma TalksThis talk reviews the Wholesome Cetasika of Sammavaca, translated as Right Speech, which is also an important element of the Noble Eightfold Path., which is … Right Concentration is most often associated with meditation. Chunda Sutta – (An-10:176) (1) "Here, someone speaks falsehood. The Buddha himself said that he would not tell the truth in areas where it would give rise to greed, anger, and delusion. This is why right speech is a factor of the path. Zen meditation is cited in Managing Stress as being developed from Zen Buddhism. Sunday Talks from the Zen Meditation Center on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN. The same with divisive speech: If you’re becoming friends with your defilements, you’ve got to point out their bad qualities. Once you understand the nuances of right speech, you can start applying the same principles in your mind. The Buddha called these precepts for ethical conduct The F… Right intention figures strongly, too, because Right Speech should be kind and loving. We are continuing with our series of the Eightfold Path according to the Buddhist tradition, in celebration of our Thailand retreat and our Visionaries in Light Convergence. Right Speech is not just a personal virtue. Now, you may find yourself, as you’re meditating, lying to yourself in subtle ways. Suppose someone comes up and says, “Have you seen my husband with another woman?” And you have, but you don’t want to get involved. All Rights Reserved |, Valuing Right Speech During These Trying Times, https://orlandoinsightpod.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com/2020/Right-Speech-In-Trying-Times.mp3. — SN 45.8 "Monks, a statement endowed with five factors is well-spoken, not ill-spoken. He will offer a guided meditation and dharma talk on Right Speech at Common Ground this Sunday, May 16, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:40 a.m., and from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.; and on Wednesday, May 19 from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Self-forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech. What this means is that you apply the same three questions to your thoughts that you do to your speech. It’s served a real purpose. You’ve got to be clear about the point at which it starts to become totally pointless, purposeless, where the grease is mucking up the works. "And what is right speech? That was harsh. In other words, you have to encourage yourself, say nice things about yourself, remind yourself of all the good things you’ve done in the past. That’s a special case, but still even with special cases, you can’t misrepresent the truth, which is why that principle is a precept. The classical understanding of Right Speech is reviewed, which is coordinated with previously posted reviews of Hiri, Moral Shame  and Ottappa, Respect for Consequences, two other Wholesome Cetasikas, those factors that condition the organizing of the experience of selfing. Studies have shown that meditation has many health benefits, such as better sleep, less stress and more focus. During formal meditation, however, you can think about your habits of speech and try to convert the thoughts that arise to skillful thoughts—those motivated by generosity, loving-friendliness, and compassion. A short meditation exploring the hindrances of sensual desire and aversion or ill will, together with their antidotes Auckland Insight Meditation : Introduction to Insight Meditation Content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License . This technique abandons the concept of right/wrong, good/bad, and male/female. Divisive speech is done with the intention of breaking up or preventing friendships. That’s why the rule against lying is one of the precepts, i.e., a rule you lay down for yourself and then try to hold to in all situations. Following the precepts ensures the path is whole; they are seen as protective, so meditation and daily life will be safe and not cause harm or Each of these is defined by the intention behind it. The goal of the talk is to support applying the insights and discipline that regular mindfulness of breathing meditation can provide for coping with these challenges. “Skillful Speech is not something you practice on the cushion. And learn how to talk to the mind in such a way that helps you do that, too—to the point where you’ve said what needs to be said, and then you can fall silent. One, is it true? It tends to yield right speech. It tends to yield right speech. Hence, we have given you this speech on the importance of yoga in our daily life to tell you how important and beneficial the yoga is for our health and disease-free life. Getting rid of judgment allows one to is c. Thus these three states run and circle around right speech, that is, right view, right effort, and right mindfulness. Remind yourself of what greed has done for you in the past; what lust has done for you in the past; anger, delusion: all the unskillful mental qualities. Let’s take a … So there’s a skill to right speech, both inside and out. So if … right understanding, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right attention, right concentration, and right meditation. At 5:00 PM each day thousands of people in their respective time zones around the world sound this affirmation – strengthening their inner link with the Source of Life and weaving closer connections among the global network of those who seek to serve the Common Good. So you’ve got to figure out skillful ways of avoiding issues without letting the other person know you’re avoiding them. You have to develop a sense of how much you should say to make people feel at ease, and then when to stop. "Right Speech" is more than just "correct" speech. More from: Joseph Goldstein It Right Speech: Talking, Listening, and Singing 6/21/2020 am20200621.mp3 File Size: 7680 kb File Type: mp3 Download File Four Bodhisattvas: Hearing and … Dhamma: Genuine Teachings of the Buddha and His Noble Disciples 1,163 views 10:02 This, monks, is the middle path, by which the one who has thus come has gained enlightenment, That doesn’t mean he would lie, simply that he would avoid those topics. There are four types of speech that you want to avoid: lying, harsh speech, divisive speech, and idle chatter. So it’s good to think about how the Buddha defines right speech. The bottom line of the Tantric teaching on words is this: Since everything in existence, including rocks and planets, is made out of different densities of vibration—that is, out of coagulated sound—words are not merely signifiers, but actual powers. And as a meditator you can’t engage in that sort of justification at all, because that’s precisely the ignorance that’s going to keep you suffering. And you don’t learn new habits simply by stopping and not talking at all. Now what counts as lying is clear-cut. But taking a step back, it can also be viewed as how we communicate with other beings. One, you never lie to yourself. Right Speech is one of the Five Precepts for ethical conduct, along with protecting life and not killing, taking only what is freely offered and not stealing, using ones sexual energy in ways that do not harm oneself or others, and refraining from the use of intoxicants to the point that they cloud the mind. Harsh speech is what you say with the intention of hurting someone’s feelings. Here’s how to Only if he could say Yes to all three questions would he say those things. Comment by davidji meditation Artwork by Kari Anapol www.bloominglotusstudio.com 2017-01-29T23:27:10Z Buy Cultivating Right Speech Users who like Cultivating Right Speech Users who reposted Cultivating Right Speech Right View, Dhamma Talk of Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Dharma, Meditation, Buddha - Duration: 10:02. “Right mindfulness” is one aspect of this path, alongside right view, right intention, right effort, right meditative engagement, right speech, right livelihood, and right action. What you’re trying to do as you meditate is to learn how to make this chattering, which is often a problem, actually part of the path, an element of your concentration that helps the mind to settle down with a sense of interest, a sense of comfort, a sense of wellbeing. 2020-06-21: Right Speech: Talking, Listening and Singing Talk given by Andrea Martin. You want to divide yourself from them. Additionally, insights are included that reference contemporary psychological concepts that help in understanding the manifestation of “Fake News” and “Misinformation” narratives that create much distress and confusion in contemporary life, particularly regarding politics and conflicts regarding global warming and how to protect oneself and others from covid-19. One of the reasons the other forms of wrong speech are not expressed as precepts is because they’re not as absolute as the case of lying. It happens in dialogue, not silence. A lot of conceit can build up around this. LEARN MORE >> Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training Classes begin online June 25, 2017 In-residence week October 9-15, 2017 If you want And idle chatter is basically speech without any real clear intention at all, just chattering away for the sake of having something to say. There are times when you need to release the mind from its attachments. The Sanskrit word samyak —often translated as “right” or “perfect”—can also mean “complete.” You’re reminding yourself, “Now stay here,” commenting on how the breath is, and trying to think up ways that the breath could be better, where to focus, what you find interesting, what you find useful. Say to yourself, “Look, this is simply not true.” The mind tends to put up all sorts of walls of denial. As for harsh speech, you don’t want to yell at yourself in a way that gets you discouraged on the path, but there are other times you have to come down hard on yourself. You don’t want to misrepresent any truth to anybody, ever. The third of the Eightfold Path is right speech is really about speaking and communicating your truth in a way that others can hear it. Whenever he was asked to be a witness, he tells only the truth … These support the ethical part of the eightfold path: right speech, action and livelihood. Otherwise the meditation gets dry. by Peter Carlson | Oct 22, 2020 | Listen to Dharma Talks. You learn new habits by actually engaging with other people with right speech. Meditation retreats practice silence because we use up a TON (up to 80%) of our energy on speaking. You may find yourself dealing in that negativity as you meditate, so you’ve got to learn new habits. Along with Action and Livelihood, it is interconnected to the other parts of the Eightfold Path -- Right Mindfulness, Right Intention, Right View, Right Concentration, and Right Effort. There are nuances. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. People are exposed to a lot of negativity. RIGHT SPEECH, RIGHT ACTION, RIGHT LIVELIHOOD (Samma Vaca, Samma Kammanta, Samma Ajiva) The next three path factors -- right speech, right action, and right livelihood -- may be treated together, as collectively they make up the first of the three divisions of the path, the division of moral discipline ( silakkhandha ). Next week’s topic will combine two of the remaining cetasikas, Right Action and Right Livelihood, particularly as applied to managing our responses to the demands of these stressful times. Devon has been committed to meditation since 2000, spending years in retreat in the Insight and Vajrayana traditions, and has been mentored by Joseph Goldstein, Tara Brach, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. You see yourself giving in to unskillful habits again and again and again, and there comes a time when you’ve got to say, “Hey, look, this is foolish; this is stupid.” Use whatever language you find is effective to get the message across.

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