coronavirus scotland: shielding update

Support people shielding to put their choices into practice. However, between now and then – and in addition to the changes we are signalling now on outdoor exercise – we will make further changes if it is safe to do so. We are therefore making two changes to the shielding advice, both of which have been agreed on the recommendation of our clinical and scientific advisory groups. We hope you find it useful and it answers some of your questions. An update on the future direction of shielding policy in Scotland. A total of 106,984people in Scotland have been tested through NHS labs to date. Coronavirus in Scotland - Up to date information on the coronavirus situation in Scotland, including what you can do, statistics and data, how to get tested, links to support and guidance and the Scottish Government's phased approach to exiting lockdown. If you have symptoms and need medical advice go to: NHS Scotland website for all latest guidance about COVID-19 including social distancing and stay at home advice. We are continually monitoring the virus and as soon as we think it is safe for you to do something, we will update our advice. Having shielded for almost 12 weeks, many people are feeling very anxious about what will happen next. Initially, the Scottish government asked people to shield until 31 July. Both Ms Freeman and Mr Leitch suggested online shopping as an alternative. We are learning about the virus all the time, and in particular about the factors that increase or reduce the risk to particular people. The Scottish Government continue to send updates through the SMS Shielding Service. Scotland’s death toll currently stands at 4,239. Give people who are shielding access to support that can help them make informed choices about their lives. During this time we will continually review this advice and monitor Covid infection levels to make sure it remains the correct decision. There’s also extra advice for those at higher risk from coronavirus, which you can choose to follow as well. A father of two who has terminal cancer has welcomed a pledge by the cabinet minister Michael Gove to consider prioritising Covid-19 vaccines for … You can read the complete Scottish Government Guidance on Shielding on the Scottish Government’s website and the Easy Read summary of the Covid-19 Framework for Decision Making June 2020: Shielding: A way Forward for Scotland Summary Easy Read. From December 23 to 27 travel restrictions in all levels are being lifted and three households can form their own bubbles. Several regions across Scotland are on the brink of the toughest lockdown restrictions after a surge in the second wave of coronavirus.Public health officials are closely monitoring transmission in Menu. The call comes alongside claims from the Scottish Government that 47 per cent of people in Scotland do not intend to travel at all over the Christmas period, with four in ten saying they have cancelled travel plans. Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman made the announcement during the first minister's daily briefing. And as soon as we can provide you with information that will allow you to understand your own risk and make decisions about what is right for you, we will do so. Aberdeenshire Level 2 - will move to Level 3 at 6pm on Friday 18 December. This week saw the opening of two additional walk-through testing centres. For younger people with no underlying health conditions, the calculator estimates vaccination dates as far in the future as September 2021. Of these new cases, 172 are in Greater Glasgow and Clyde and 158 in the Lothians. Find your area’s protection level and guidelines. We'll keep updating this page and you can find all our other coronavirus news stories in our News Hub. He said he’s aware it will be unpopular with retailers, but added “nothing in those sales is worth it”, Ms Freeman added: “If you see a crowded shop, don’t go in.". Time it takes for NHS a... Royal Mail Priority Postbox: what are they and where is the ... How long does coronavirus last? The purpose of this document is to start answering those questions, and chart a possible route out of shielding that allows more freedom while keeping those most at risk safe. Coronavirus in Scotland LIVE: Latest updates on COVID-19 in Scotland. We will continue to advise people shielding in an honest and open way, and we promise that advice will always be based on the best evidence we have. Coronavirus in Scotland: Follow here for the latets Covid-19 updates Last updated: Friday, 18 December, 2020, 07:35 WHO warns against people gathering at Christmas as it’s ‘not worth the risk’ In a renewed plea to the public, transport secretary Michael Matheson reiterated calls from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for people to stay at home if they can and to avoid travelling to visit family and friends. Extension to shielding The original advice was to shield for at least 12 weeks, which comes to an end on 18 June. Current advice. Coronavirus in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon confirms 31 new deaths and 1,001 new cases. COVID-19 - search criteria for highest risk patients for shielding. There are nine cases of the new strain of coronavirus in Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Follow here for lives updates on the latest Covid-19 news. One of those opened in Kilmarnock on Wednesday and the other opened yesterday in Oban," she confirmed. You: We do not intend to advise you to shield completely for any longer than necessary without further changes. How coronavirus restrictions could affect shopping, parties and pantos, You can use this vaccine calculator to see when you might get the coronavirus jab. We will set out updated guidance for you by 31 July at the latest. He said with the rise in numbers in the Lothians and Borders, the NHS is seeing an impact on hospitals in those areas. “NHS Lothian staff go above and beyond every day to care for patients and the least they deserve is not having to pay for expensive parking to get to work.”. He said he thinks the treatment will be 'holistic' for the time being. About 180,000 people in … That's why it's important that we do everything we can to make sure they have the chance to consider what matters to them. There is more about your rights at work at: UNISON UK website Coronavirus COVID19 advice: your rights at work in Scotland There is some general advice for everyone at high risk, as well as extra advice depending on where you live. The longer people are advised to shield, the greater impact it will have on their physical and mental health, on their relationships with their families and loved ones and on their quality of life. You can find out what level your local area is in at There are now 5 protection levels across different areas of Scotland. Jason Leitch discusses new guidelines published across the UK on 'long-Covid which gives a formal definition of it, symptoms and how best to care for people living with it. 3,611 inpatientshave been discharged from hospital since 5th March 2. The original advice was to shield for at least 12 weeks, which comes to an end on 18 June. Your feedback will help us improve this site, Coronavirus (COVID-19): shielding - a way forward for Scotland, Find National Clinical Director Jason Leitch says hospitals are coping well but that the situation is 'fragile' in this first coronavirus winter. This means keeping 2 metres (or three steps) away from other people at all times, Should not meet with anyone you do not live with, Should choose times and areas that are quiet, if you can, Should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds as soon as you get back home. out more about cookies, Healthcare Quality and Improvement Directorate, Shielding: A way Forward for Scotland Summary: Easy Read (. The levels of infection in the community are now significantly lower than they were in March, but the evidence suggests that it is advisable that people with the highest clinical risk should continue to shield. We want to gradually provide advice on how you can increase your freedoms, as we have done for those who are not shielding. This website and its associated newspaper are members of Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). As the virus is brought under control it will become safer for those who have been shielding to gradually get back to day to day life. He said: “Staff and patients at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary will be pleased that free parking at the hospital has been extended, but disappointed that no long term solution has been reached. Information for shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable from COVID-19. Read more. East Lothian Level 2 - will move to Level 3 at 6pm on Friday 18 December. If you are on the shielding list, you should follow the same advice as everyone else in your protection level. The unofficial device is based on the UK's current nine-point priority list for the vaccine, which is as follows: Residents in a care home for older adults and their carers, All those 80 years of age and over and frontline health and social care workers, All those 70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals, All individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality. The latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland. You can read the letter here: Scottish Government Patient Information – Diabetes and Covid-19 (PDF, 439KB) In places where there is a very high risk from coronavirus, you may get a letter advising you to follow stricter advice. The future of shielding is closely linked to the success in our broader strategy of controlling the virus through the route map and Test and Protect. Last updated: Friday, 18 December, 2020, 13:57. The aim of shielding is to protect people who are at greatest risk of severe illness if they catch COVID-19. 21 March – Shielding measures introduced to protect people at high risk of COVID-19; See previous coronavirus and cancer updates from June, May or March and April. However, we understand that it is not fair to continue to ask people to stay at home all the times, especially as restrictions are eased for everyone else. Areas changed to Level 4 from 6pm on 20 November We’re monitoring the latest government and NHS health updates from across the UK and updating this blog post regularly as new guidance emerges. He confirmed funding is going into research projects on the condition. 810were in hospital last night: 28of whom were in intensive care, with another 10 with suspected CO… We do not recommend that you take part in outdoor activities such as golf, hiking, canoeing, outdoor swimming, angling, etc. First minister Nicola Sturgeon announces new measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 in Scotland. We are monitoring these impacts and constantly weighing up these harms against the benefits of shielding. 3rd August – NHS to roll out “COVID-friendly” cancer treatments. This approach is dependent on us understanding as much as possible about the chances of people shielding catching the virus and the risk to them if they do. We also use non-essential cookies to help us improve our websites. The calculator asks you a series of questions about your age, health conditions and other details - such as if you're pregnant or a care home worker. 15,240were positive This will be an underestimate of the number of cases. This is UNISON Scotland’s information on Coronavirus and your rights at work.. In the course of the summer, once the evidence base has been developed, we will: These choices have a tremendous impact on the lives of people shielding and also on the lives of their loved ones. Coronavirus (Covid-19) and diabetes updates We've created this information for people living with diabetes and their families. As we progress through the route map there will increasingly be need that the wider public recognises their role in keeping those shielding safe, in particular in supporting people shielding to regain some normality in their life, just as the wider public have been able to. Can go out on your own or with someone you live with, Should maintain strict physical distancing, also known as social distancing, at all times, even if you live with the person you're out with. Scotland Office Minister Iain Stewart Image caption: Scotland Office Minister Iain Stewart. out more about cookies, Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to know. Find The first coronavirus vaccine to be administered was in the UK - a world first - on 8 December 2020. This section collates the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and advice for tourism businesses, including reopening guidance. Overview of 'shielding' Shielding updates. Scotland has 5 different protection levels. At that time we took steps to suspend car parking charges at three hospitals - Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, and Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. The most vulnerable Scots are to be given free vitamin D supplements to help to boost their immune system.People who have been shielding are to be sent a … Published 21 March 2020 Last updated 14 December 2020 — see all updates A letter from Scottish Government for people with diabetes was published on 1 April 2020. Any data collected is anonymised. Read the Scottish Government’s shielding advice and support to find out how to sign up to this service. There have been 107,749 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Scotland and 4,135 people have died following a positive test for the virus, according to Scottish government figures. JF: "These two new centres add to the 20 others we've established across the country and mean we've now met our target of having 22 walk-through centres in place for the winter period.". However, we will confirm this on 18 June based on the evidence. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced updated guidance for people who are "shielding" because they are most at risk if they become infected with coronavirus. Of the people who have tested positive: 1. The first phase of the vaccination programme is concentrated on saving lives and reducing hospital admissions, making it logical that the most vulnerable groups are being given it first. Potential Covid-19 treatments found by 'stunning' Edinburgh-led study which 'could save thousands of lives' The levels of infection in the community are now significantly lower than they were in March, but the evidence suggests that it is advisable that people with the highest clinical risk should continue to shield. Coronavirus: Evening update. Provide people with updated clinical evidence about their conditions and what that means for their risk from Covid, Help those shielding understand the changing levels of infection in the community and how to reduce the chance of catching the virus. The Scottish government guidance will be updated with above. Of these: 1. “SNP Ministers seem to be just kicking the can along the road when we desperately need to see the leadership to deliver a long-term solution. Having shielded for almost 12 weeks, many people are feeling very anxious about what will happen next. We are advising people to continue to shield until at least 31st July. in the same way as the rest of the population can just now. If you have been advised to shield and wish to go outside for exercise after 18 June, you should take the following precautions: Go outdoors for a walk, wheel, run or cycle. 91,744were confirmed negative 2. As it becomes available, it will be updated with the latest information to support you through this challenging time. Health Secretary Jeane Freeman confirms latest changes to quarantine list - you will have to self isolate if arriving from Namibia, Uruguay and US Virgin Islands to Scotland from 4am tomorrow. Latest coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance from NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government, including physical distancing measures and advice for infected households . For those in the lowest-priority groups, it could be a long wait for the vaccine, which has to be administered in two doses. During the first week of vaccination, a total of 137,000 people were given jabs, with the majority of recipients being over-80s, care home workers and NHS staff. They are eager to resume their lives but unsure how shielding can end while the virus continues to exist in our communities. Skip to main content . Because different things matter to different people, we need to move towards the idea of enabling those who are shielding to make choices about how to do it. The evidence to support this is growing but we need to be sure it is robust enough before we start using it to change our approach. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. We will continue to balance this against the harms caused by shielding. It then uses this information to calculate when you're most likely to receive the vaccine, based on the answers you've given. This also will not apply to people living in nursing or residential care homes – we are not yet confident this is safe. To date, 1,032 are being treated in hospital having tested positive for Covid-19 and 50 people are in intensive care. This will be the last review of the quarantine list this year. Having set out to save lives it does not feel right to prematurely end shielding until we are confident the evidence supports it. Skip to main content Skip to screen reader Search. When Covid-19 cough and othe... ‘He was just a normal healthy wee boy’: Family ‘grateful’ fo... WHO warns against people gathering at Christmas as it’s ‘not worth the risk’, A calculator has been created on Omnicalculator, which estimates when you might be offered a coronavirus jab. ©JPIMedia Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. We will start by making a change to the advice on going outdoors for exercise. Covid-19 Protection Level: 0 Socialising 8/3 indoors (in-home socialising permitted) i.e. That is because, although infection rates are much lower than they were at the start of lockdown, we are not yet confident that it is safe enough to change our advice. Got it. Here is a reminder of which level each council area is in: Aberdeen City  Level 2 - will move to Level 3 at 6pm on Friday 18 December. "In all three of these hospitals the car parks are privately owned as a consequence of PFI funding, so they were the only hospitals in Scotland where car parking charges still applied. She added that the advice has not changed, it has always remained the same which is to avoid crowded places. In the last 24 hours, the Scottish Government has recorded 36 new deaths. The death total from Covid-19 in Scotland now stands at 3,950. The shielding of those who are most at risk if they become infected with Covid-19 should continue until 31 July, the first minister has said. Provide that information in a way that is accessible, understandable and helpful. Learn more. But asking people to stay at home and minimise all contact with others for a long period of time can significantly impact on quality of life as well as mental and physical health. "Today I can confirm we've reached a further agreement with the private operators of these car parks, and as a result, the suspension of parking charges will be extended at all three hospitals until March 2021.". We have promised that our advice on shielding must be right for Scotland and evidence-based. Scotland’s care watchdog has launched legal action against a nursing home in Loanhead after 'significant concerns' were identified during an inspection. There is coordinated work being carried out across the four nations to gather this evidence and we hope that we will start to see the benefits of that over the course of the summer. If you're at high risk (clinically extremely vulnerable) from coronavirus (COVID-19), there are things you can do to help keep yourself safe. Pressure on hospitals in Lanarkshire and Glasgow has fallen thanks to restrictions and behaviour of population there in recent weeks. When asked about Boxing Day sales Mr Leitch said advice remains the same, which is to avoid crowded places. The aim of shielding is to protect people who are at greatest risk of severe illness if they catch COVID-19. Article share tools., 744 new cases across Scotland in the last 24 hours bringing the total to 110,040. Scots have been warned not to travel at Christmas unless it is essential in a reissued plea from the Scottish Government to only take advantage of the relaxed Covid-19 restrictions if absolutely necessary. This letter will not be posted to individuals but is available on NHS Inform. Firstly, we are extending the shielding advice to 31 July. What will happen at Christmas? The changes come ahead of a "pause" in shielding guidelines from 1 August. These are the Scotland GP practices with the highest number ... Nicola Sturgeon coronavirus briefing RECAP: Levels to change... How long do Covid test results take? JF: "My second update relates to an important measure that we put in place at the start of the pandemic in March. However, we are very aware that shielding is difficult and it is not sustainable in the long term. First and foremost, everyone should follow all current guidance to minimise the spread of the virus and keep the public safe. There are different restrictions and advice for each level. Secondly, if infection rates are low enough, we will advise that people shielding can go outside for exercise from 18 June. We anticipate that people shielding will be able to take exercise outdoors from 18 June. This is why we will be looking for ways to gradually ease the guidance for shielding people if clinicians and scientists advise it is safe. But asking people to stay at home and minimise all contact with others for a long period of time can significantly impact on quality of life as well as mental and physical health. Not everyone with the virus will display symptoms and not all those with symptoms will be tested. … Five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak this Tuesday evening. If you were shielding in the past, you can now follow the same advice as everyone else in your local council area’s protection level.You can also choose to follow the extra advice for people at highest risk from coronavirus.. Whatever level you are in, you should strictly follow 2 metre physical distancing and hand washing measures. People who are shielding will continue to receive the support they have been getting, whether that be free weekly food boxes, access to priority supermarket delivery slots, pharmacy deliveries, or other support through Local Authorities. Scotland says people on the shielding list can follow the same advice as everyone else in their local area, guided by a tier system. uses cookies which are essential for the site to work. Last updated: Monday, 01 June, 2020, 12:43. What will Christmas 2020 look like? Menu Close . This guidance has been updated to support the clinically extremely vulnerable in protecting themselves from exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19).

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