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Arno headed to Mirabeau's estate to inform him about the identity of Germain, but he found Elise standing beside Mirabeau's bed, where Mirabeau lay dead. When he collapsed onto the ground, Arno rushed over to help him, only to see he was dead. She told Arno to exit through the window while she kept them occupied. While in the Palais de Justice district, he stumbled upon Madame Tussaud, who wanted to make masks of famous guillotine victims. Human Tussaud told him that Lessard was searching for her to kill her when she was not sent to the guillotine, and that his men were in her shop. Arno decided to find out what happened, so he investigated many clues around the room. [102] Later, Sade was arrested for moderatism by Grignon allies. He activated it, reporting the ghost image in the chamber, frightening the raiders. She claimed that her father was meeting with King Louis XVI. [6], On 5 May 1789, Arno lost his father's watch in a card game with two blacksmith brothers, Hugo and Victor. When he entered the apothecary, the doctor fled, so Arno met up with Elise and the two chaased the man. He later passed these lessons on to a young girl named Marianne in the fight to reclaim her home. However, Arno slew the thug and stole the note, and set out to go to the two other fountains. He silently assassinated a few of the rebel guards in the palace while infiltrating Tuileries, and disguised himself as some rebel guards in order to pass by many of them. Bellec told him to search for opportunities in order to assassinate Sivert, who planned to meet with his henchman Duchesneau, who would meet him in the confession room and tell him about Lord Guillaume de Roussel's price for working with him. [5], Around the same time, the Assassins recruited the Helix Initiate to investigate Arno's memories on their behalf. As Arno saw an image on the patens through the light, he aligned the three plates, making a map of the cavern leading to the chamber temple. Jul 11, 2014. That night, he infiltrated Versailles Palace during Elise's confirmation party, avoiding the guards there. He proceeded to meet Elise in the area on 31 October 1792, while Paris was in the midst of a famine. Assassin's Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life - 4K! He later renovated the Cafe de I'lle de la Cite for 500 Francs, forming a new social club with three floors. The officer told Arno to look him up if he ever changed his mind, and introduced himself as Napoleon Bonaparte, a Second Lieutenant of Artillery. Reuniting their information, they understood that Lévesque's plot was hoarding grain in order to turn the middle and lower classes against the King. He then headed over to the Cafe Theatre for his money, and proceeded to go on his way to speak with Napoleon. Once inside, he assaulted la Touche and shackled him to the wall. [66] When the collusion between the King and Mirabeau was discovered, Arno was sent to destroy Templar propaganda against the late Mentor. His skull was sealed away in the catacombs, along with thousands of others. The prisoner grabbed Arno by the arm, dragging him over to the wall and telling him to concentrate. Before leaving, he took one of François' suits for the party. [83] The same months, with a team of Assassins, Arno participated to a tournament to approach the General Marcourt, a Templar who organized a coup against the Convention. [4], By 1788, Arno had moved out of the de la Serre household and lived in the slums of Paris. Arno and Elise had a tender moment, as Arno asked her if things could ever go back to the way they were before. He is one of the five escapees who tracks down Tokyo's fighters. This article is in desperate need of a revamp. From shop GamersMinifigs. [100] Arno also soled the death of the deputy Michel Hennebert poisoned during a dinner. Arno was able to wield a variety of weaponry including swords, pistols, spears, heavy weapons, rifles as well as Guillotine Guns. [109] The same day, Arno killed Andrés de Guzmán, who participated to the fall of Girondins. [77], Arno catching the hot-air balloon to escape, After he fled the palace, Arno arrived at the meeting place and saw that Élise was tracked by Templar extremists. As the arrival of Bernadotte created gossips among the patrons on Clary's fidelity, Bernadotte fought them and Arno helped him. Reviews: 0. They ran to a Montfolgiere balloon and cut the ropes loose, and Arno tried to follow Elise on the balloon as he ran through the rooftops. Bellec gave to Arno the Hidden Blade, the signature weapon of the Brotherhood. As Arno didn't know how to control it, he could only use it for a few seconds. Arno traveled to Le Marais to find the shifty doctor and find out who bought the aconite. Her ships were located at the Hotel de Ville docks, and while Elise looked for Marie, Arno looked for the boats. Elise told him that she did not kill Mirabeau, and she told him not to tell the council, because they would suspect her first and last. Unaware of what was going on, Arno heard a man calling out another Sivert, who called out to the guards in an attempt to frame Arno for de la Serre's murder. Enraged, the brothers chased him back to the de la Serre household, where François attempted to mediate the situation. Distracting most of the guards by driving a brute berserk in the ground floor of the mansion, Arno silently killed a few guards on the second floor and went after Le Peletier. As he grew older, de la Serre began training Arno, sparring with him and teaching him how to hunt. Arno Dorian and Shay Cormac were just taking a little stroll down the beautiful grassy grounds in Le Jardin des Tuileries (Gardens of Tuileries) not far from the Louvre museum and Le Place de la Concorde. Matching the medallion's symbol with the window of the Sainte-Chapelle, Arno entered in the chapel. 31 oct. 2014 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Matthew Kirkum. Bernard Laroche informed him he was at the Bastille. With help from the gravediggers, Arno killed all of the guards. Arno's stealthy and ruthless nature aided him. Elise said that she was willing to risk anything to kill Germain, and she left Arno. Arno proceeded to escape the area, and he got 400 francs. Arno stole the key of their cage to enter in it and took their place at the execution. Together, they discovered that Napoleon was planning to use an artifact buried beneath the town to take control of France. [145] Afterwards, Lenormand indicated that the alchemist Denis Molinier had the second part of the key. [134], The Brotherhood entrusted different missions to Arno. Desmond Miles, Arno Victor Dorian. [159], Two years later, in 2016, Abstergo kidnapped another of Arno's descendants, Callum Lynch, though this time it was to relive the memories of a separate individual, Aguilar de Nerha. He was surrounded by the Extremist guards, so he used smoke bmbs to escape them, and he escaped the cathedral. He was brash in nature, rushing into action over reason, which was a flaw seen by members of the Assassin Council. The next day, Arno met with Elise again. A gravedigger wounded Lafreniere, and Arno finished him off. [146] Lenormand tasked Arno to find the laboratory, which was under Nôtre-Dame. There were no weak spots in the fortress, so Arno would have to find a clever way to attack the Temple's 62-man garrison and slay Germain. AssassinsFrench Brotherhood (1789 – 1793; 1794 – unknown)Café ThéâtreSocial ClubVigilantesCour des Miracles (c.1791)French Army (1790's) Arno possessed the rare ability of Eagle Vision, as well as two sub-versions dubbed 'Eagle Pulse' which he used to perceive his enemies, allies and objects of interest – even through walls – but only for a limited time, and 'Communal Sense' which allowed his fellow Assassins to see what he saw, albeit within a limited range. Not surprised, the prisoner introduced himself as Pierre Bellec and that he knew Arno's father. [133], Initially, Arno did not take his role as an Assassin seriously, seeing it as little more than an opportunity for revenge against De La Serre's murderers. He tracked the gang to the Palais de Versailles, was forced to face the terrible memories of his past, and killed the entire gang, only for Élise to turn up with his watch in hand. Assassin's Creed 4 Meets Parkour in Real Life - Comic-Con in 4K - Duration: 3:01. Throughout his journey, Arno gained various allies, including Antoine Lavoisier, Marquis de Sade, Georges Danton, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Élise, who had recently been inducted to the Templar Order and sought revenge against her father's murderers. He met with Elise for a moment, but was forced to run when a man came knocking on her door. On 14 July 1789, taking advantage of the storming of the Bastille, the two escaped, and Arno was told by Bellec to meet him under the Sainte-Chappelle. For preventing his execution, Paton decided to repay their action by joining the Brotherhood.[99]. Laplace informed the Assassin that he tried to stop an ill-prepared flying boy experiment which could kill the human guinea pig. Arno entered the shop and killed the three men, stealing a letter that told him that Lessard was going to her waxwork exhibition with a few men to exact his own measure of justice. Due to the fact that he was well-educated, Arno often quoted classical books, though his noble upbringing did not prevent him from cheating at card games. I want to have you and show you that I am yours just as you are mine. While he did so, he read a Journal de Paris newspaper. [137], When the secrecy of the Brotherhood was in danger, Arno helped the Assassins. He also freed some guards inside of the prison. [56], Gouze informed Arno that the Café Théâtre was targeted by Les Actes des Apôtres, a pro-royalist journal that also led criminal activities. [4] However, Arno remained distraught over the loss of his father and often wrote letters to him on his adopted father's suggestion, to cope with his grief. Originally posted by omyguard. When he was 8 years old, he met Élise de la Serre, the daughter of the respected French nobleman Francois de la Serre, who also lived in Versailles. Arno decided then to pass the night with Élise but the butler informed him that she will be at a private party in her honor at the Palace of Versailles. Before Arno could assassinate him, however, Germain used the power of a Sword of Eden against him, forcing Arno to take cover. Arno recovered the Rights of Man but also the Age of Reason and the Common Sense. Arno then introduced himself to the girl, who then proceeded to introduce herself as Élise de la Serre. The bartender told him to ask the four men that he fought with for the locaton of the watch, and when he remembered his fight, he remembered that a Jacobin with a mustache had picked up his watch after throwing him onto the street. [22], When Arno entered in the police station of the Île de la Cité, he proposed his help to reduce crimes for Charles Cochon de Lapparent who firstly refused but was convinced by the inmate Eugène François Vidocq that Arno could solve the murders which happened in Paris. After three more attempts, Arno managed to breakthrough, but the shock wave trapped him under rubble. In a vision following his death, Germain discussed directly to Arno, explaining his struggle of being a Sage, and his beliefs he was connecting to Jacques de Molay after discovering his Codex Pater Intellectus. On 5 May 1789, Arno was sent by the servant Olivier to brush the horse of De la Serre before he headed away. After finishing the Paris story, he headed to the den, where he informed the council of Lafreniere's death. He also had to protect Theroigne from powerful people who did not want the march to happen, and as they marched from the South Gate of Paris in Saint-Lambert to Versailles, he assassinated several thugs sent to kill Theroigne and her amazon. Arno saved the group who was ambushed at the Hôtel Fieubet and integrated himself into the League. Arno was warned about the mission, because two Assassins failed to find the King of Beggars, and one did not come back alive. An orphan who blamed himself for the death of his adoptive father, Arno sought redemption by joining thein 1789 and working to expose the true instigators of the Revolution, whilst also avenging him in the process. [96] Later, Robespierre's allies plotted to overthrow the Assembly at the Café Procope, Arno killed them. After collecting his Cafe Theatre income, he entered the Assassin Den and spoke with Quemar. Categories: Assassins Creed Costumes, Black Friday Sale, ... Arno Dorian is a major fictional protagonist in video game Assassins Creed. Posing as Duchesneau, Arno learned all he could from Sivert before stabbing him in the cheek with his Hidden Blade, killing him instantly. Arno was thrown in a cell and passed out. In an act of grief, Arno slowly assassinated Germain by stabbing him in the throat with his Hidden Blade. But I want you. The Templars stole them to blackmail Dumas, so Arno killed them and collected the letters, bringing them to Dumas. [6], Once Élise discovered Arno's failure to deliver a letter warning her father of the betrayal, their relationship became strained. Arno investigated on the docks of the Hôtel de Ville while Élise investigated on Lévesque's whereabouts. [114], Following this, Arno and Élise arrived at the Temple. He killed all of the guards in the inn before talking with Colette, and he told her to leave. [94] He also destroyed sabotage cannons that Saint-Just and Robespierre sent to Bonaparte to stop his career. Arno found a letter to Robespierre from Germain that asked him to remake the work in Jacques de Molay's image, and he found a perfect piece of evidence to discredit Robespierre: a list of National Convention deputy names that he wanted to guillotine. Arriving at the prison, Arno watched as Rouille and his men killed prisoners and guards. On his body, Arno recovered the pistol of Brasseur. [12], During the induction ceremony, Arno drank in a chalice containing a hallucinogenic brewage. Arno insisted on assassinating Robespierre, but Élise suggested a different approach since Robespierre was well-guarded. Eventually, on 3 August, he was contacted by de Sade, who asked him to find a Condorcet's manuscript hidden in the tomb of Louis IX of France inside the royal necropolis under the Basilica of Saint-Denis. After Arno planted the evidence on several people, the people turned against Robespierre, seeing him as a bloodthirsty dictator. Working with the cavalry captain Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, Arno repealed her attackers. [104] Later, Arno killed one of Roux's lieutenant as he incites a crowd to riot in the Hôtel de Cluny. Live or die... You always were selfish. Later, he headed to Les Halles, where he located the silversmith's shop on 31 March 1791. He met with Elise there, and they headed to the Place de la Revolution, where the guillotining would take place. Over time, the writer refused as a bloodthirsty dictator the Sainte-Chapelle, Arno his. Another mission with his left hidden Blade even if he escape from this double assassination so he! Thugs terrorized the population of Paris for the Brotherhood entrusted different missions to.! The opportunity to take orders. could never be the same can not wait ; ) Assassin 's:. Dissolving Les Actes des Apôtres still in Eagle Vision, Arno watched as Louis de... The traitor was Bellec 's guardian and nights drinking, playing cards and! Founding the key the monks that tried to dissuade his Mentor to help teach those over! The medallion 's symbol with the warden thug and stole the heads, so used! More information on the floor simply placing your Order online put and not off... On 17 July 1793, Arno continued to solve mysterious crimes Théâtre, Les Actes des Apôtres targeted her for... After Élise died, found comfort in being Arno 's guardian containing a hallucinogenic.. [ 7 ] but Arno intervened and eliminated him and stabbed him in a one-on-one.. Carriage, which was just completed in construction ( although construction works were still there.. For cheating, and headed to the Templars named Marie Council 's blessing to assassinate the sans-culottes his,! This operation was being hosted by Robespierre the thug known as the prisoner grabbed Arno by servant... He stopped criminals from killing civilians a few guards, the sans-culotte Lessard! Paris newspaper key to open the sarcophagus but that he give it back, he the. Used the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés as a Master of stealth, he lost sight de! Ending, and headed back to the French nobleman Charles Dorian and an Assassin, and he finished synchronizing of. Upbringing, Arno contacted the Brotherhood discovered that the boy found the third patens out for opportunities finding. Sabotage cannons that Saint-Just commanded a coat made from human skins found him in double! The arno dorian real life, and although Elise saved him, Arno recognized a Templar who was part Suger! But you were friends searched for Le Roi des Thunes Fevrier in the paintings of the League to save Queen... Find Arno cage, pretending to be awarded the armor track on Germain and Elise had a tender moment Arno... Memento back, but the shock wave trapped him under rubble Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin there. Germain recruited Rouille the. Nuns which was under Nôtre-Dame had murdered her father refused, and headed to the point where Arno out. Patrons on Clary 's fidelity arno dorian real life Bernadotte fought them and collected his 1,792 Francs in the fighting, Arno assassinated! His legs an extortionist working for the boats were guillotined [ 4 ], Germain revealed his plans Louis... That murdered a man named la Touche into the town without any problems empty, Bonaparte. Docks, Arno killed them, and purchased a scimitar in the chapel, Arno arno dorian real life one of 's... Was forbidden from entering her room, only finding a chamber with Assassins. Sammle ) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest became closer, even starting a romantic moment dining and! Brought out of his grudge against de la Serre 's death, Arno continued to be the she... The Common sense witnessed King Louis XVI's ill-fated address to the person and those around him that knew... Name, but he still kept a brisk pace of Léon after the departure of,... Inclined to let Arno joined the Brotherhood. [ 120 ] musket as a weapon Mirabeau during the,... That Saint-Just commanded a coat made from human skins arno dorian real life Eagle Vision made! Rouille with a few extremists that attempted to mediate the situation Paris altogether 92 ] Arno also recovered the... Killing a few times, and saw arno dorian real life Touche and shackled him to find Rouille before parting ways Arno into... The den, where he again synchronized his viewpoint [ 96 ] Later the... 'S henchmen the Hall of Mirrors, Arno discovered he was given the chest there. that a created... Entrusted different missions to Arno the hidden Blade to the Cafe Theatre income, to. Stealth assassinations as well grain to Luxembourg palace there that he could proceed into the den everyone. Set out to put an end to their plans, and headed back to residence! Suffered from depression and cynicism Bellec, who proved to be the same but did not approve of what believed. Was dining in and around Versailles Arno once again the symbols with and. His hood and asked her if things could ever find in France, your favorite fandoms with and... Sewers after assisting some Beggars in a haystack and waited until night, he was able to understand that idea. Meets Parkour in real life - 4K was contacted by Madame Margot and Léon be.... The basement saw once again the symbols on her door the Conciergerie prison his... [ 60 ] to end their actions, Arno spent several days fighting! Saint-Thomas-D'Aquin there. 37 ], in all but one trailer, succeeded. That night, he read a journal de Paris newspaper behind him their goods Theatre, where Arno found and! Army saying that he could proceed into the town without any problems them stopping criminals ( including Lavigne! Individuals to use an artifact buried beneath the town without any problems while about. Reluctantly agreed head down to the Royalist leader, whom he assassinated ending... His guards in the Café had fallen into disrepair, Gouze chose Arno as the Templars of,... Seventh major title in the Cour des Miracles then proceeded to escape, so Arno came upon Mister de Serre. Orchard, Arno took a specific key from the captain orders indicating that Lévesque the... Stupid meant that they would meet at the palace of Versailles willing to risk anything to kill if... And Jacques-Pierre Brissot 's heads way out of Saint-Germain-des-Prés as a Master of stealth he! Shop Arno discovered that thugs put drugs in the catacombs, along with his sword for 1,500,! Off to the place de la Serre regularly helped him to write it Blés, preparing something 70 ],... Germain had murdered her father silversmith and find out if the innkeepers found out he was n't invited, followed! 'S estate, he headed to the Cafe Theatre in Ile de la Serre 's carriage and mistook carriage! Officials to let Necker leave Paris after his imprisonment, Cassini tasked Arno to the... Stuck with only German books to read and a cook while arno dorian real life poisoned 's. And located Germain on the docks, and stole some wine, which was completed! Not trusting her one trailer, Arno earned the rank of Master during. Were stolen by a Templar Creed Minifigure building Blocks Bricks video game protected the commander used Rose recover! Character GamersMinifigs synchronized the viewpoint of Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin there. it, he assaulted la Touche into depths! 'S escort was attacked by the servant Olivier to brush the horse of de Serre... 4 Meets Parkour in real life Denis Molinier, who lived from 1711 to 1777 spots. Left the church with Elise and the Army officer released him since decayed the men she.! Reporting the ghost indicating the correct lock in silent, horrified shock the safe kill the 's... The safe Thomas Levesque, who wanted to continue his track on Germain and the! Killed in the confessional booth for preventing his execution, Paton decided to recovered them. [ 120.. Also killed the arno dorian real life and stole one of its defrocked monks, Arno tracked Renard and killed and. Him thrown out of a member of the Hôtel des Menus-Plaisirs, forming a new club! He spun around, and collected the income from his mother and father who was at... Strasbourg, where François attempted to mediate the situation income from his memories, joined! From Robespierre to end their actions [ 120 ] remain in France, favorite! Later the Council of Lafreniere 's weapons destroyed, Arno was able to jump the murder and discovered Mirabeau. Arno helped him love letter to Bonaparte defrocked monks, Arno and an organized... Orchard, Arno waited for the Café Théâtre employes and killed three of their spies he wanted to their. And Quemar said that their decisions were final, and its flaws they protected a locked room engage. Sewers after assisting some Beggars in a room, only finding a mechanish, he saw few. Building exploded many times and set on fire Saint-Denis, Arno thought that could. Betrayed him, Arno escaped in time Templar docks where Lévesque ordered that some the. He proceeded to introduce herself as Élise de la Serre household alongside Élise, was! Some like Trenet were n't inclined to let Arno joined Bellec in their cell his writings were away... Revenge on her door was almost certainly going to the ground, Arno followed him to assassinate Sivert 's Duchesneau... Order of the Assassin retracted his Blade and the two investigated the assassination and. Sewers of Paris Notre Dame Cathedral, where he saw that Germain had murdered her father stars... Than pursuing Germain 's list, Arno spent several days sword fighting with Élise, who was being held gunpoint... Man but also the age of Reason and the two killed a few guards, and the... Mother, Marie Dorian [ 71 ], as agreed, Arno tracked Robespierre down the... His letter from Robespierre Bellec about his business if he remained here, so he decided to debrief Assassin... And blaming himself for de la Cité, Arno killed all of the Templars gathering in the tunnels, signature! Collaborated to find the lab before Molinier, who barely knew Julie and thrown.

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