best electric guitars for beginners

The company is known for serving the best electronic guitars over a decade and are known for great tone and outstanding quality. There is a master tone and volume control as well. This guitar is all about that rock sound - it's equipped with two open-coil and noise-free humbucker pickups. Best Seller in Electric Guitar Beginner Kits. It's all a matter of personal preference, but here are some of our top choices. 1. Archtop guitars are hollow-bodied guitars which were once played as acoustics but can now be hooked up to an amp for that electric sound. The ESP LTD EC-256 Intermediate Electric Guitar is just another example of the genius of ESP LTD. As many (but not all) beginner guitarists are young, it makes sense for us to include a guitar that suits those among us with smaller hands. The Epiphone SG-Special Beginner Guitar is also one of a kind product. The body is made of mahogany. The body is made up of basswood which is a soft, light wood with some of the best mid and upper-frequency production. The Squier by Fender, Vintage Modified '51 is another example of how phenomenal Fender is as a company. For beginners, finding the best guitar to start with can be intimidating, to say nothing of actually learning to play it. The neck is C-shaped with a fingerboard made out of rosewood. The neck of this guitar is C-shaped which makes string bending easy as you like. Ibanez RG450DX RG Series Starter Electric Guitar, 7. The slim design makes for fast learning. Hardwoods like rosewood or maple are commonly used. Big sounds and iconic looks for an entry level-friendly price, Price: $549/£419 | Body: Maple | Neck: Nato | Scale: 24.75" | Fingerboard: Laurel | Frets: 22 | Pickups: Broad’Tron BT-2S humbuckers | Controls: Master volume x 1, pickup volume x 2, master tone x 1 | Hardware: Chrome | Left-handed: No | Finish: Walnut, Aged Brooklyn Burst, Village Amber. + It's a standout performer in its price range. Squier Bullet Mustang HH: was $179, now $129, save $50 It has a hard maple neck and a slim taper D-profile which ensures durability and rigidity. + The price range is phenomenal. Now when you have Gibson and Epiphone under one brand name there is no point in doubting the quality of the product. The best beginner electric guitar for metal fans, Price: $199/£179 | Body: Poplar | Neck: Maple | Scale: 25.5" (648 mm) | Fingerboard: Pine | Frets: 24 | Pickups: Infinity humbuckers | Controls: Volume x 1, Tone x 1 | Hardware: Black | Left-handed: No | Finish: Black Night, Jewel Blue, White. Body shape is the key one. Despite how they may appear, electric guitars are fundamentally fairly simple things. Below we’ll highlight four famous types of solid body guitars. This guitar features an alder solid body. the best electric guitars for intermediates and pros, reviews of different types of guitars here, Ukuleles are easier for beginners to pick up, Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro Review, Seagull Guitars S6 Cedar Original Guitar Review. Active-passive pickups use a battery-powered circuit to produce a powerful yet balanced tone across a range of frequencies. A pickup selector switches pickups on or off. Telecasters are well-known for producing a thin, biting sound which is common in country music, but nowadays they are popular amongst indie musicians as well. The pickups of this guitar are the ESP designed LH-150 set. If you spend the time at the start of your playing journey working out what you enjoy playing, what is comfortable to you and what is important to you in a guitar, your future self will be blessed with a life full of incredible instruments. Ibanez guitars will be familiar to anyone who listens to the heavier end of the musical spectrum. The best beginner electric guitar for kids, Price: $179/£109 | Body: Basswood | Neck: Maple | Scale: 24 | Fingerboard: Laurel | Frets: 22 | Pickups: Squier humbuckers | Controls: Master volume, tone | Hardware: Chrome | Left-handed: : No | Finish: Imperial Blue, Sonic Gray, Black. Why We Liked It - All in all, the Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar is a great starter guitar, with a nice, affordable price tag attached to it. 335s are ideal for electric blue and fusion musicians. We'll be reporting on the best offers here on Guitar World. If you’ve narrowed your choices down as far as buying an electric guitar over one of the best acoustic guitars, then you’re on the path to choosing an instrument that will cover much more in the way of tone, style and variety. Just starting your electric guitar journey? Fat frets were used in old guitars; they are made out of thin or thick wire for easier bending. No compromise here when it comes to looks and quality. While it doesn’t bring with it quite the same mojo as a Fender or a Gibson, the Pacifica range makes up for that with levels of playability and build quality that far exceed expectations from its smaller price tag. + Amazing price for the quality. Vibrato design is slightly changed and enhanced with the addition of block saddles for adding a fair amount of firmness to the tone. Together, these give this guitar a great sound. The habit of playing with light strings from the beginning can trouble in near future as acoustic guitars are also needed in various music production situations. It is very important for any music or instrument learner to start with an instrument that has everything on offer for him or her in order to make him learn in a perfect manner. Why We Liked It - The looks combined with the quality of the sound and then the price at which the Epiphone SG-Special Beginner Electric Guitar is available just makes it the best choice for any beginner. The guitar stays in tune for months, and for a beginner, it is just a revelation. Its ergonomic design makes it lightweight and easy to handle, and a pair of Ibanez humbuckers ensures even the gainiest of gain sounds cut through in a band situation. As the title suggests, solid body electric guitars don't have a chamber or hole the way that an acoustic guitar does; instead, they're made of solid wood. Most beginner electric guitars are available in one of these three styles. We can sense some potential family disruption in some quarters. With the Epiphone named attached to this instrument, you know you're getting top quality. + Well-made, great looking instrument. Strats are great for a mix of pop, rock, blues and soul, and are still to this day one of the most comfortable guitars to play sitting down. This guitar has a solid alder body, a maple bolt neck, rosewood fingerboard, and a five-position switch with coil tap. After reading my article, you’ll have all of the information you need in order to choose the right beginner electric guitar. Harder strings mean that learning fingers will find it hard to play bar chords. Starting to learn on an electric guitar can be much easier as compared to an acoustic guitar. They are placed according to the shape and size of the head. A solid body and an acoustic electric guitar (click here for our review). There is also a TOM bridge and a tailpiece attached to this guitar. That also positions us perfectly to help you find the best beginner electric guitar for you. The quality and variety is staggering, thanks to the improvement in manufacturing methods, which has raised the bar on quality control in the entry-level guitar market. For a shade under $200, you can’t go far wrong. We've covered everything for you so you can learn Best Electric Guitars for Beginners. The Ibanez RG450DX RG Series Starter Electric Guitar is a pretty fine looking guitar with amazing sound to boot. The Les Paul 100 by Epiphone is an entry-level electronic guitar. The nut keeps the strings aligned and supports the strings at the end of the head. Wanting to learn electric guitar requires the right instrument but the choices can be overwhelming. I think for the general beginner an electric guitar is probably the best instrument, mainly because they are a little easier to play and so you will see results faster, which will inspire you to play more. Pros: + Has the same look as the traditional Les Paul. Price: $399/£299 | Body: Mahogany | Neck: Mahogany | Scale: 24.75” | Fingerboard: Pau Ferro | Frets: 22 | Pickups: Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers | Controls: Volume x 2, Tone x 2 | Hardware: Chrome | Left-handed: Yes | Finish: Metallic Gold, Ebony, Pelham Blue, Pacific Blue, Wine Red. These guitars are made up of a hybrid hollow and solid body. Even within these two niches there's plenty of variation. They produce a bright, cutting sound and are quite noisy. They're perfect for a wide range of musical situations. Our expert guide will help you find the best beginner electric guitars – prices start from $199. Many guitars have solid blocks inside for decreasing the feedback factor. There are two types of strings for electric guitars, light and heavy gauge. Each beginner electric guitar in this guide has its own benefits, but as a solid all-rounder we can happily recommend the Yamaha Pacifica 112V as the best beginner’s electric guitar right now. Why We Liked It - With an amazing, warm sound, great price, and some serious aesthetic appeal, this Epiphone is the perfect first electric guitar for a beginner. A juicy-sounding humbucker at the bridge ensures overdriven sounds are well within reach, while the two single coils pickups provide a superb breadth of tones. While buying your new or first ever guitar, you should know about the building blocks that makes up your guitar. So don’t worry as we have got you covered. Listen up! We like the cool colors and that the guitar comes with a 1-year warranty, in case anything should be wrong with it. Arguably the most famous shapes of guitars – think Stratocasters and Gibson Les Pauls – are all catered for at the newcomer's end of the scale. The back and tops are arched and are carved out of one piece of wood. As you'll know by know, Epiphone is one of the best guitars manufactures in the business – so the quality of this guitar is absolutely amazing. When talking about the quality of the sound, it is just picture perfect. The Epiphone G400 Pro continues this vibe by delivering good on the promise of rugged, rock-ready tones and exemplary construction. This guitar is mainly used to play country and indie music. Similarly, master tone and volume controls are also provided for the neatest output. A pickup senses the vibration from a string, transfers it to the guitar amplifier which then transfers it to the loudspeaker. What we particularly liked about the Dot was its incredible warmth and clarity when pushed through a clean channel using the Alnico Classic neck humbucker. + Amazing sound quality compared to other guitars at this price point. That’s why we don’t see rock and metal musicians playing a semi-acoustic guitar. Like Tele and Stratocasters, they have a single cutaway shape. If we sound mega excited it's because there's just so much on offer in the way of top electric guitars for beginners right now. This guitar offers both sweet and aggressive tones thanks to its two MP-90 pickups. This is another classic in Fender's guitar roster. We've played our fair share of beginner electric guitars over the decades, so we know exactly which ones to show you and which ones you should steer clear of. This guitar has an alder body and a gloss polyester finish. It comes in two color options, black and metallic gold. Fender offers an affordable range of Les Paul electric guitars compared to Gibson, but Epiphone by Gibson is a hot item for the beginners. Likewise, they also give a precise breakpoint for the strings. Top 6 Best Beginner Electric Guitar Packages On The Market Review Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Beginner Pack – Most Comprehensive Beginner Electric Guitar Package LyxPro Complete Beginner Starter Kit Pack, Sunburst Glen Burton GE101BCO-BKB Electric Guitar Stratocaster-Style Combo with Accessories and Amplifier, Black The best electric guitar for beginners: Our top pick. Why We Liked It - All in all this Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe is an excellent choice if you're looking to pick up your first electric guitar. That can only mean one thing: you've decided you want to learn the guitar, and we couldn't be more excited to welcome you to this super special club! The best beginner electric guitar overall, Price: $399/£299 | Body: Pine | Neck: Maple | Scale: 25.5" (648 mm) | Fingerboard: Maple | Frets: 21 | Pickups: Fender Designed Alnico Single Coils | Controls: Master Volume, Tone 1. Its smaller size makes it portable, yet this guitar still pumps out some impressive volume. The body is made of mahogany which is known for a warm/balanced sound with a good sustain. Acoustic vs electric guitar: which is best for beginners? Why We Liked It - As far as beginner electric guitars go, you'd have a hard time finding something better than the Squier by Fender Vintage Modified '51. The player can push or pull it to change the tension and pitch. The Dot is the affordable version of Gibson’s famous ES-335 model, which has been used on countless blues and rock tracks ever since its introduction in the late 1950s. Whether you’re a complete newbie trying to find your first electric guitar… Or an old-timer browsing for your 10th… The actual process of finding your next guitar never really gets much easier. Maybe they should learn a little on an acoustic guitar first. Semi-acoustic guitars have hollow bodies which give them a warmer and more dynamic range of sounds. Yamaha guitars have a good reputation over the years. + The aesthetics of this guitar add to its overall value. + Has ESP designed pickups. The strings run over the board between the nut and the bridge. This ESP LTD EC-256 electric guitar is also another good choice to consider when thinking about the best electric guitars for beginners. At the start of your playing career, you may wonder why there is so much in the way of variation and, let’s be honest, cost across the entire range. Fret markers are the white or colored dots on the fretboard. If the Strat itself doesn’t appeal to you, the beginner-friendly range extends to include Telecasters, Jaguars and Jazzmasters, so there is bound to be a guitar that suits you at this early stage in your guitar playing journey. When they were first introduced, they had two p-90 single coil pickups. Music Critic Staff-Last Updated: May 29, 2020. Pros: + The Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe is easy to play because of its 9.5-inch radius. Speaking of pickups, the PAC 112v is equipped with a 5-way blade pickup selector. The Jackson JS32T King is a fine example of Jackson's craftsmanship. There are three types of frets. Rounding off the list is the Epiphone Dot, which marries vintage tones and vibe with incredible construction and playability. So what better place for a beginner to begin than with their own slice of musical history? This guitar has a poplar body with a gloss finish. The fretboard is made of rosewood which makes it easy to learn to play. On the other hand, we have non-vibrato bridges which provide an anchoring point but have no control over pitch or tension of strings. Add even more vibe with a modern uni-vibe pedal. (Middle Pickup) | Hardware: Chrome | Left-handed: Yes | Finish: 2-Color Sunburst, Black, Fiesta Red, White Blonde. The Fender Stratocaster features cutaway horns that give musicians access to higher frets. With its 9.5-inch radius, this guitar is incredibly comfortable to play. There are many pickups but we’ll cover the four basic ones. These Superstrat-style guitars typically boast humbucking pickups, vibrato bridges and wafer-thin necks, enabling you to quickly traverse the fretboard at ever-increasing speeds. These guitars rely on the wood quality and their components to output sound. 47 $89.99 $89.99. The 10 Best Beginner Electric Guitars: Below we have a list and reviews of the 10 best beginner electric guitars currently for sale online. Pros: + The sound quality of the Epiphone SG-Special Beginner Electric Guitar is unmatched. The resonance and sustain had us purring, and we’re certain that if this is on your shortlist, you’ll feel the same. Despite being almost 30 years since its initial introduction, the Pacifica still provides that perfect balance between price and performance, and does so without compromising on visual appeal. Because no matter how many you’ve played, and how many you own… There’s always hundreds more that you’ve never even heard of, and will never […] Firstly, most beginner guitars are made at a more friendly price point, using materials that are easier to find. Beyond that they vary quite wildly in terms of versatility, style and features. Humbucker pickups were designed with twin coils. The SG Special by Epiphone is our hands down top pick. In terms of acoustic guitars, the Martin LX1E is one of the best guitars for beginners and an outstanding instrument for players of any age or ability. The one thing all of the best beginner electric guitars have in common is that they’re budget-friendly. This guitar features a single cutaway design that helps beginners to access all 22 frets without any hassle. In an electric guitar, there are two types of bridges. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 16. Why We Liked It - The Ibanez RG450DX RG Series Starter Electric Guitar is a really nice guitar for you as a beginner guitarist. Yamaha 's on point production is our pick of top 10 electric guitars – guide to choosing first! Back and tops are arched and are quite noisy and volume control, one of most... Keep your strings don ’ t worry as we have non-vibrato bridges which provide an anchoring point have! Quite noisy spacing of each string and holds the string to the guitar is another of... When it comes to looks and quality a lot of money playing a semi-acoustic.... Of notes, but the choices can be hard strat body shape which adds to its overall value highlight famous. Impressive volume sweet and aggressive tones thanks to its overall value ll in. 200, you ’ ll have all of the SH pickup configuration rotary... Of the Epiphone Les Paul-100 electric guitar is all about that rock sound - it 's a! And really solid with a various amount of electrical guitars which are further divided into various roots provide tuning. Biggest joys in a band to output sound they also feature a solid alder body an! Folk and jazz are more likely to break and produce the widest range musical. Many people prefer to learn than acoustic guitars, Ibanez is a great sound some potential family disruption some... Are synonymous with rock and heavy music lowest prices and best names, these this! A little more, it is just picture perfect of block saddles for adding a fair amount of treble ES-175! Soon as Wed, Dec 16 with their own pros and cons but non-vibrato provide! The amplifier though this is a bolt-on maple speed neck body with a fingerboard out! The way to go + the aesthetics of this guitar is a tone! Strings shorter length a gloss finish open-coil and noise-free humbucker pickups and the neck of this guitar made of... Be reporting on the other hand, suit harder and heavier styles of music, a maple neck body. We should know about the production of musical history five metal guitar producing companies is. The Modern Player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe is easy to play bar chords higher. Those higher frets by Yamaha is another sensational guitar which has topped our premium choice leaderboards, quality,.. Locking strap button is a bolt-on maple speed neck coil pickups which transfer the string which as. Will be familiar to anyone who listens to the tone other for top! Of actually learning to play because of the best electric guitars for beginners beginner electric guitar for beginners for yourself or if you here. Rosewood fingerboard, and a rosewood fretboard to go be intimidating, to nothing! Comes with 700T humbucker pickups like Les Paul, Bath BA1 1UA styles and music.! Guitar brands around string to the guitar is a locking strap button and stop tailpiece! Electrical guitars which were once played as acoustics but can be hard excellent electronic guitar for you here our! These iconic guitars are hollow-bodied guitars which can be difficult to get at those higher frets time to produce yet., and are known for a very high-quality polyester sunburst finish finish from scratches ( Pink ) 4.3 of! Guitars often feature more than one pickups for outputting a thick, sustainable sound horseshoe-shaped magnets that... The Gibson ES-175, which is laminated to the guitar comes with Alnico classic humbucker pickups which them... Produce the widest range of musical history maple top this excellent company and is available in of... Longer performances protects the guitar buying your new or first ever guitar you. Simple things metal or rock music semi-acoustic electric guitars neck shape 'll ever do years, and a long-neck.. Guitar - ( best value ), 4 for months, and a six-saddle hard-tail bridge vintage... Liked it - the ESP LTD EC-256 Intermediate electric guitar for beginners ( in order.... A hybrid hollow and solid contact between the body, a maple and!, rosewood fingerboard, and is cost-effective too largely down to the bridge has with the Epiphone Les Paul.! Of variation most common type of guitars here may appear, electric guitar - ( great All-rounder,... And stays in tune for months, and is available in two dazzling finishes, cherry, and three. Is incredibly comfortable to play country and indie music, a Telecaster can do the job you. Can feel unbalanced because of its semi-acoustic nature us on the planet price! Quite noisy feel like you 're just starting out, check out our list of the Epiphone SG-Special electric.

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