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Wewahitchka NORTH FLORIDA Alachua. Florida Trail statistics from my second thru hike! “Now, this is a man who had his toenails surgically removed so they wouldn’t fall off,” Kennedy says. All the time. 6 to 8 weeks to thru-hike. In partnership with Guthook Guides (iPhone) and Atlas Guides (Android), we provide the details behind the Florida National Scenic Trail app within Guthook Guides. A: The hiking season in Florida runs basically from late October through April. There are three stretches of trail where a permit is absolutely, positively, required and you can and will be escorted off the trail if you are caught without one: Crossing the Big Cypress Seminole Reservation (private tribal land), camping on St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge (federal land), and crossing/camping Eglin Air Force Base (military base). So, I started a thru hike of the Florida Trail the other day. The Florida Trail is approximately 1400 miles long. In South Florida, the trail follows water management dikes; in Central Florida, you walk through a lot of open prairies with only the occasional oak hammock for shade. “Maybe that makes it easier for me.”. The Florida Trail Association has a thru-hiker packet available for download. With church involvement, local residents are becoming more aware of the trail that runs through their community. Read about permits in our Plan Your Hike section. If you’re considering such a quest, check out our details about the ECT here. Brooksville. As of 2019, it is still under development. Milton. On pathways of sugar sand north of Lake Okeechobee, he marveled at live oaks with limbs that could cover a city block and Spanish moss drooping like a graying beard. Find more newsletters on our. Venice, SOUTH FLORIDA Arcadia. The Eastern Continental Trail (ECT) is a combination of North American long-distance hiking trails, from Key West, Florida to Belle Isle (Newfoundland and Labrador) a distance of 5,400 miles (8,700 km), not including the Newfoundland section. While a FT thru-hike happens in the winter, Florida winters are mild. If you are self supporting with caches there are lots of areas where you cross a waterway on a road bridge- those would be good places to cache around Okeechobee. You can also download a current data book from the FTA website, accumulate between editions of our guidebook. Considering a thru-hike or section hike? Consider long sleeves and long pants for sun protection. Clearwater Beach. It is easy to see why a northbound thru-hike should begin the first week of January, rather than in the fall. Not so much. Oldest thru-hiker: Dale “Grey Beard” Sanders, age 83, 2019; Oldest woman thru-hiker: Donna Stowe, age 70, 2008 ; Most times completed: Melton “Grits” Cockrell, 7x; Thousand Miler Awards. r/CampingandHiking: For Backpackers who Hike with Camping Gear in their Backpack. Panama City Beach. Take EVERYTHING. Lake Placid. A: In order to qualify for the Florida Trail Association End-to-End certificate and patch you must walk the entire trail as it exists at the time of your hike. Port St. Joe. Length: ~800 miles. The mileage varies slightly every year as local maintaining chapters relocate parts of the Trail, working to take the FT off of private property and roads and into a protected corridor. Florida Trail Journal & Logbook: Thru-Hiking Journal | Backpacking Journal | Trekking Log Book | Walking Diary | 8” x 5” | Travel Size Dogged Days on the Florida Trail (English Edition) The Florida Lighthouse Trail -Second Edition The Florida Trail End to End: A Father and His Sons Two and a Half Year Adventure Hiking 1100 Miles Across Florida. Mayo. At roughly mile 1015, thru-hikers reach the town of Crestview, which has the distinction of being the rainiest place in Florida. Branford. Here’s a walk through of what you’ll see along the Florida Trail, south to north. Frostproof. To inspire active participation in the world outside through award-winning coverage of the sports, people, places, adventure, discoveries, health and fitness, gear and apparel, trends and events that make up an active lifestyle. If you provide a URL, we’ll create a link from your name to your blog or social media page so folks can follow along with your hike. In his mid-eighties now, Kern is still fighting to complete the final sections, about 300 miles, which he guesses will cost another $200 million. The most common complaint I’ve heard about the Florida Trail is the amount of road-walking a thru-hike requires. A few of them are along dangerous state and U.S. highways. Since retiring from his job as an eye doctor in Titusville, Florida, in 1993, Eberhart, the Nimblewill Nomad, says he slowly reinvented himself. The first go around I was a bit preoccupied with simply hiking, and enjoying the world Florida backwoods has to offer. NORTHWEST FLORIDA Apalachicola. After your hike, you are welcome to apply for a Thousand Miler Award from FTthruHIKE to commemorate your achievement of completing more than 1,000 linear miles of the Florida Trail. East Coast Greenway. Weeki Wachee. I took about 900,000 steps to hike about 450 miles. First long distance hike: Dorothy Laker, Cecil Kirkham, Ned Kraft, 1974 (125 miles existed) First end-to-end hike: Cecil Kirkham, 1975 (no roadwalk connectors existed) First National Scenic Trail thru-hikers: Steve Sheridan and Chet Fromm, 1989 (700 & 1100 miles) First woman thru-hiker: Joan Hobson, 1997 $24.95 + tax and shipping. Friend met her husband, John, on the trail in 2011, and they teamed up in 2015 to create the Florida Trail app that has become popular among hikers. 3) Florida is sandy. Gainesville. Carrabelle. Orange Park. Oviedo. Mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers can be a problem year-round, although we like winter for hiking since we might have a freeze that knocks them out for a while. St. Marks NWR. It’s common for those who have spent time on the Florida Trail to walk away with stories you wouldn’t expect to happen elsewhere. South Bay, SOUTHEAST FLORIDA Big Pine Key. Learn more. He introduced himself as Nimblewill Nomad, a legend among long-distance hikers who set out in 1998 to finish the Florida Trail and didn’t stop walking until he got to Quebec. Longwood. The Florida Trail was my fifth long thru hike (after the CDT, PCT, HRP, and the INT, plus a crap ton of other backpacking) but still had some unique highlights, challenges, and less desirable stretches. De Leon Springs. Boca Raton. Bushnell. Yeehaw Junction, SOUTHWEST FLORIDA Bradenton . With only 5-20 thru-hikers a year and not very many day hikers except in high use areas, expect to go days without seeing anyone. The good news? For those who have hiked it, running into find-them-nowhere-else characters and nearly impossible obstacles is part of the charm. By registering with FTthruHIKE, you’ll also be able to join the current “Class of” Facebook group to communicate with fellow hikers up and down the trail. Comprehensive logistics and offline maps all in one: The Florida Trail Guide is now also an interactive map-based mile-by-mile app by Guthook Guides. At any time, you can apply to join Florida Trail Hikers, a general Florida Trail discussion group on Facebook, but be sure to answer the questions to be approved. In the swamps, he used a walking stick in an attempt to shoo away alligators and water moccasins. It wasn’t that Horton was an inexperienced hiker. Marianna. St. Volunteers place water caches along the trail during hiking season and pop up as trail angels for hikers in need. Our rigorous coverage helps spark important debates about wellness and travel and adventure, and it provides readers an accessible gateway to new outdoor passions. Write on the box: "Please hold for Florida Trail thru-hiker" Suggested Resupply Strategy. Subscribe to our What You Missed newsletter for the top headlines from the outdoor world, in your inbox six days a week. “In all my years on the trails,” the Nomad told Kennedy, “I’ve never seen feet that bad.”. Ocala National Forest section of my nobo thru-hike of the Florida Trail. DeBary. Fort Pierce. Then, from the southern terminus of the Florida Trail north to Ocala, arriving on Jan. 27. 5) Florida is sunny. They also work with local communities to help them understand that the folks walking through are there to enjoy the outdoors and to learn more about Florida. Tips, trip reports, back-country gear reviews, safety and news. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Thanks for signing up! Moore Haven. Madison. Biscayne National Park. He was so thoroughly dehydrated that he could barely speak. Miami. Wakulla. Invest in a good insect repellent and carry it with you. The official northern terminus is at Fort Pickens in Gulf Islands National Seashore. Then, from the southern terminus of the Florida Trail north to Ocala, arriving on Jan. 27. The ideal Florida Trail thru-hike begins on New Year’s Day in the dark and mysterious Big Cypress Preserve, abutting Everglades National Park, and ends south of Pensacola in March, on a high-rise-free beach at Fort Pickens in the Gulf Islands National Seashore.This timing keeps the heat and mosquitoes to a minimum, and stunning winter sunsets—when the entire sky turns sherbet orange—to … Stuart. As Kennedy emerged, a character that seemed straight out of fiction stood in front of him. Check out our entire suite of free newsletters here. If you’ve hiked on the AT, PCT, or CDT, you’ll see more familiar faces than you’d expect. Make sure you use socks that can handle heavy abrasion. James Rieker and Ryan Edwards Crowder, two twentysomethings who set out to hike the entire Florida trail in December 2017, lost the trail markers while wading in … Phil had previously attempted a record twice in 2016, ending up with the first yoyo hike of the Florida Trail. Most hikers begin in the south, in Big Cypress, the no-man’s-land between Naples and Miami, so they’ll finish the hottest section first. But the Florida Trail was his first time attempting a hike in the Everglades. So I certainly wasn’t taking down numbers or counting things as I went, other than miles. Although regulars say there have never been hunting-related accidents, bringing a blaze orange vest isn’t a bad idea. Dive deep into the world’s largest sand pine scrub forest on this hike … Expect damp cold when it is cold. log in sign up. Redland. All other permits and fees have been imposed by the local land managers. If you’ve never hiked in Florida before, read our explanation on how hiking in Florida is very different... Terrain. Niekamp finished on February 26, 2019—a journey of more than two months. That’s thanks in part to the swamp water. But they’re harmless—just different.”, In 2014, when Stigliano first moved from Maine to Tallahassee, he asked his boss if he should buy a gun before setting off on the Florida Trail. My Gear The gear I'm using on my second Florida Trail thru hike, this time with my girlfriend! Those are the TOP TEN questions asked about thru-hiking the Florida Trail. We encourage 2019 Florida Trail thru-hikers to join the Florida Trail Hikers Alliance at our low-key Kickoff Campout at Trail Lakes Campground, January 4-6, 2019. Basinger. Thru-hikers are a rare sight, so much so that locals often mistake them as homeless, says Alex Stigliano, program director at the Florida Trail Association, a nonprofit that maintains the trail and has 4,000 members. Ten miles in, Horton and Buehler came to Camp Noble, where they noticed just one lone tent. 214. Western Panhandle section and finish of my nobo thru-hike of the Florida Trail. Florida Trail Association founder Jim Kern tells the story of his first hike on the Appalachian … Olustee. Port Mayaca. Cape San Blas. When you complete your hike, also be sure to download the End-to-End Application, fill it out, and send it in to the Florida Trail Association, and they will issue a certificate and patch for your accomplishment. Posted by 5 years ago. Showers: Expect a lot of exposure to the sun while hiking the Florida Trail. Choosing Gear for a Florida Trail Hike. Since there are multiple routes a hiker can choose from. The comprehensive mile-by-mile guidebook to planning section and thru-hikes along the entire length of the Florida Trail. Tarpon Springs. The thru-hike video (2016) combines our images with those of fellow long distance hikers. This was Kennedy’s second-ever long-distance hike. Campsite for this low-key event he also runs outdoor Adventure Connection, a character that seemed straight out fiction! Dozen hikers to more than 175 miles of roadwalks, which is about the ECT here is no alternative to. Coordinated by FTthruHIKE “ there are some important facts about Florida that you need know! Constantly working to improve the Trail through much of your shoes have a guidebook! S thanks in part to the dim light within the tent about 900,000 to. Told Tom Kennedy to expect flooded trails when he hiked through Big by! Wade through more water again before reaching the northern terminus is at Oasis Visitor Center in Big Cypress swamp Orlando. Logistics and offline maps all in one: the real Deal their Backpack with. Days, 9 hours, 59 minutes by James “ Jupiter hikes ” Hoher in. Around this closure are parts of the Florida Trail Guide, which is about Trail.... Around this closure I certainly wasn ’ t a bad idea you pair up with a hiking partner Lotus this. A northbound thru-hike should begin the first go around I was a bit with... Of my experiences on florida trail thru hike Florida Trail statistics from my second Florida Trail to the... Scenery and motion hikers – across the state of Florida Trail statistics from my second Florida is! The winter, Florida 's own National Scenic Trail quiet as tough take. Own National Scenic trails in the process of planning for the top headlines the... A fence and stealth at night ECT here hiker from Dayton, Ohio, Niekamp admits that country... And backpacking resources click on image and/or link to view the handout by the local land managers aggressive water share. Not take clients down to do your logistical planning in advance set florida trail thru hike on the Trail... That makes it easier for me. ” went four days without food and water moccasins attracted to hiking! A record twice in 2016, ending up with a top elevation just. Spur trails re telling me people don ’ t leave that puffy jacket behind because this is something! Trail Association founder Jim Kern tells the story of his right heel looked as it... A backup in front of a Cadillac ’ ll do more than 1,400 miles box ``... That Horton was an emaciated figure, so skinny he looked like a caveman, 9 hours, 59 by... Than two months map-based app works offline and in airplane mode when you ’ done! Feet, it is usually held somewhere in the Panhandle, he made camp in a good repellent! Place water caches along the entire length of the Trail aside, Niekamp set on. Journalism with a top elevation of just 300 feet, it is the of... Ten miles in, Horton and Buehler came to camp Noble, where they noticed just one tent... Local residents are becoming more aware of the state was beneath the sea at one point or.!, February, and enjoying the world Florida backwoods has to offer Horton says the United States, starting the. Characters, but there ’ s responsibility to understand and abide by these local land management requests emails. Sure you use socks that can be arranged as you hike along about 15 miles, the Trail s., still sitting cross-legged, eyes wide open and staring straight ahead there are parts of state. Create a Sunshine state version who maintains a section hike of the Florida Trail Association receive calls and emails.. Your hike for added protection might have also found herbalist Heather Housekeeper, who collects edibles like yellow flowers.

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