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Don't own a car! Without further ado …. April 10, 2013 at 7:09 am. You asked the questions and I answered them. if you follow me on my Instagram (where i am the most consistent) you will know that I’ve been doing many different things. I have studied law and work full-time as a lawyer besides blogging. 10 Things About Me”. To be honest, I was so late with this video post idea, I didn’t even read the questions before recording. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? Pin. ;) Love you! Here we go… 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me! A Greek island, like Lefkada or Crete, would be at the top of my list! Troy University. 25 Random Things You Don’t Know About Me. Now, tell me something I don’t know about you! 49. Involves beautiful autumn mountain views 2.) Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jesus Christ. (Chilliwack, BC) My Career choices are Digital Illustrator and Tattooist. 10 Questions That You Probably Don’t Know the Answer To. She always amazes me with how smart and loving she is and never fails to make me laugh. Next time I’m home, I’ll introduce you to her on Instagram – watch my Stories for lots of videos of our little love-bug! I'm doing the 20 Things (You Probably Didn't Know) About Me Tag, as it seems quite an interesting one! hmmm let me think??? WHAT COLOR IS YOUR CAR? I bet there's still a few (embarrassing) things that you wouldn't guess about me. One thing you might not know about me…I don’t like to read. ..Et voilà! 1. When I was little though, my dream was to become an astronomer and I still wish I could somehow do a course or seminar on astronomy. Love you! I love learning foreign languages and am always fascinated by people who have grown up in multilingual families. Ever. Your email address will not be published. Other questions that you have? 10 things you don't know about me. Fequently Asked Questions; Where We’re Featured; Things You Don’t Know About Me Nov 9th 2012. So let me know what you think about this post in the comments below, and if you decide to answer these questions in a blog post of your own, be sure to leave a link to your post below so I can get to know you too! What about you? I’m an introvert at heart. For these small groups, you have an instinctive grasp of the number of items. I must have about a hundred videos and pictures of her on my phone which I watch every now and then (I really miss her!). My hair is naturally red. Hey! 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me. Besides people that speak multiple languages (see #3 above), I also admire musicians. 50. Beware if you are a person employed in this way – I’ve been known to say “get away from me you freak” on more than 1 occasion. Every year I try to do a fun side-project which is completely different than law. I love to travel! xoxo. I was thinking about all of the different questions I get asked and all the things you don’t actually KNOW about ME!!! It is a series of questions you have to answer about yourself. When you are presented with groups of up to four objects, you don’t need to count them to figure out how many there are. When I was at uni I was really close to applying for a six-month language programme in Beijing and not doing it is one of the things I regret now that my student years are long over. I have lived in several European capitals (Athens, Brussels, London, Paris, The Hague) and as much as I enjoy city life (which is a lot if you’re following the blog and/or my Instagram! 29k. No one has ever been more frequently mentioned, painted, written about, and sung to than him. So I want to be real with you and share 10 things that you don’t know about me. 1.… So if you need a list of awesome questions that helps you know more about someone, you won't find something better these questions! What fact from the list above surprised you the most? If you follow me on Youtube (Retro Flame), you’ll have seen that I did a ‘Get To Know Me’ Video last week on my channel. Involves a holiday tradition 3.) During high school, I tap danced my way to teaching qualifications. What do you find most challenging about blogging? here are 25 things you PROBABLY don’t know about me … 1. I love getting to know my readers, so if you would comment below and share something about yourself, it would seriously make my day! Brittany Wilbanks. Love this post! Share. Things you don’t know about me. Today I’m switching it up a little. 6 1 5 2. 1. For a fun game, you can also ask these get to know me tag questions and have your conversational partner try to answer them. Of course. WHERE ARE YOU LIVING NOW? I don’t have any pets but love animals and especially, dogs. And you can get paralysed by all the things to learn – plugins, SEO, linkys, promotion etc. I think they are a perfect way to know much more about the person behind the keyboard, so thank you so much Lisa for the tag! Julie @ Being Home says. If you don’t love it, it’s a lot of time and effort to put in. #10ThingsYouDontKnowAboutMe #MoreStyleLessFashion ️Enroll in my course - … Involves doing absolutely nothing together . Share On Facebook Share On Twitter Share On Pinterest. One thing that you might not get by reading the blog (or maybe meeting me for the first time!) 1. Nora says. Most people pack on the day they leave and leave their bags packed for months on return. My secret plan is to retire in a sunny place where I’ll have a little house with a garden close to the sea. I own 2 Green Cheek Conure parrots. Asking yourself these get to know me questions will help ensure you're always … Anything else you want to know? But other than that we have lots in common. Spanx, good bras, and having my hair straightened were life changers for me. If you have any suggestions for the next one, do share – I could use some inspiration! I love going to the opera and my favourite bands are Muse and Depeche Mode – a combination which might seem odd but totally works for me. By Steve Ayan on May 15, 2018; Share on Facebook. Hanging out with my family 3.) 11. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. However less than 10% of the population can answer the most common knowledge questions correctly. If you are on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a viral message being passed around in regards to posting 25 random facts about yourself. 45. I made a new intro! I was in for something light today, and thought: why not share 10 things you didn't know about me? Some people confuse education with knowledge. 10 Things You Don't Know about Yourself. Nappy Rash for Dummies: 8 ways to deal with & prevent nappy rash!!! 10 THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME. 7 min read. This is something I haven’t shared at all on the blog yet but a new series of posts may be in the works… Just saying! I was watching one of my favorite prime-time shows a few months ago when the light bulb went off. My nickname is Bill and has been since I was 14. Sep 26, 2017. Share . I’m with my girlfriends. Link back to the blogger who nominated you & answer her ten questions. No more secrets after this one! Written By Guest Blogger 12 Comments. 2846 Brittany Wilbanks With every successful blogger, there is a stalking crowd who takes interest in why you are blogging, what’s your goals, interests, and so on. ANY PETS? What was one of the most unusual experiences you’ve encountered? The process of browsing through a lot of options to find something truly special excites me and once I do buy something, I take really good care of it which means I can keep it for years. Today I’m switching it up a little. Give me a good book, a pad of paper (or my laptop) and I’m a happy camper. Spyro the Dragon is my favorite game series. So let’s make this fun. Read my disclosure here. 2. About me questions are different types of questions to ask yourself. I’m also what you might call a selective perfectionist, but not the kind that beats himself up for invariably failing to live up to that standard. Did any resonate with you? Steve Chou Click here to learn how to start your own online store. It is also great Q and A material. I’m hiking with Ryan and Sadie 2.) I speak six languages, including Greek and Mandarin Chinese, albeit not all fluently! 2. 1. Reader Interactions < previous post. Information like this should only be doled out in small doses – if at all. Just write about what you love. Tagged by Tim Cigelske in his post “Hello, world! Due to the extremely cerebral nature of the material below, I am only providing you with 10. Tweet. I am an avid reader. 1 // I'm SUCH a family nerd. . I have to think about left and right, the letter b vs the letter d, and which way to write the number 3, but I can read words written upside down and backwards very easily. Do you have siblings, if yes how many and how old are them. Why Is Get To Know Me Tag Popular? A post shared by S Marks The Spots (@smarksthespots) on Apr 22, 2017 at 5:41am PDT, Kalimera #seemyathens #smarksthespots As a child I took piano and music theory lessons for about 7 years but nowadays I barely ever play (a fact I’m not very proud of!). I am an ordained minister. Here’s my version of 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me, as seen in US Magazine. I’m generally not the biggest fruit person but cherries are my thing. Some say that it’s silly, others that it’s superficial (which i totally get) but let’s just call it my guilty pleasure! Write your own ten questions & tag ten bloggers to do the same. Where would be your ideal holiday destination? If you need someone to officiate a wedding, I’m your girl! ——, Meet me where the sky touches the sea #seemya, "Everything works out in the end. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest. Share. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I think it’s called the 25 questions tag. While I love discussing and sharing all things food and travel with you all, I figured it might be fun to share a few facts about yours truly and let you all get to know me a bit better. I can only find them for a couple of months each year and although they cost an arm and a leg in Brussels/London, I just can’t help myself, especially if they are good. I’m sure there must be at least a few of you reading here…, A post shared by S Marks The Spots (@smarksthespots) on Nov 24, 2016 at 12:41am PST, A post shared by S Marks The Spots (@smarksthespots) on Oct 30, 2016 at 1:49am PDT. When 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me I'm more than meets the eye. I've been tagged to do a lot of tag posts over the past couple of months, and I've made drafts for them all but just didn't get around to doing them, so now I'm playing catch-up! I don’t usually dig new music. I have a weird fear of costumed people…Halloween, Santa Claus…you name it. 10 things you don't know about me! Being able to express yourself through music is such a gift! I left a random and perhaps slightly funny one for last: I love cherries so much that I can eat a ridiculous amount in one go. You probably do not understand yourself as well as you think you do. …Especially if it… 1.) 50 Things You Don’t Know About Me (and would do just fine in life never knowing) 1. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR HOUSE? A post shared by S Marks The Spots (@smarksthespots) on Apr 1, 2017 at 3:51am PDT, A post shared by S Marks The Spots (@smarksthespots) on May 5, 2016 at 9:44am PDT. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but at the same time, I’m never one to turn down a new challenge! April 30, 2012. They believe because they have a certain education the knowledge they obtained is enough. Share. The point of this post is to help you get to know me better. Hola chicos, I was tagged by the lovely Lisa from The Love of a Captain to complete “10 Things you didn’t know about me” which I happily accepted as I love these type of posts. I have a completely frustrating and uncontrollable blush response. 3. And love for Sports Center. We can still be friends despite your disdain for reading. Yep, guilty as charged! I have watched all six seasons and the two movies about a million times to the point where I can repeat whole parts of the dialogues and still love it. My Favorite things 10 Things You Don't Know About Me My favorite colors is Purple and Black My favorite movie is " This is the End" My favorite actor would be Johnny Depp My favorite singer is Alicia Keys Least Favorite Things The smell of Sharpies My 10 year old sister Make-up It’s not that they’re not important but don’t forget to write (and take lovely photos). After starting the blog I took a photography course and gradually started experimenting with videography, two years ago I did a wine course in Brussels and last year I got my barista diploma. Here at … The Killers I am Scottish, directly from the McLoed/Dixon clan. 3. I don’t like it when people take themselves too seriously and although I do spend most of my day dealing with pretty serious stuff at work, I will always make a joke or do something silly and have a laugh when I get together with friends. Speaking about SATC, it’s probably a good opportunity to confess my love (I don’t want to say addiction!) I thought it would be a good back up career. 10 Things You Don't Know About Me - A Vlog - Noah & the Girls, Win A Fortnum & Mason “The Fortnum’s Express” Hamper, Mine4Sure Personalised Christmas Stockings Review & Giveaway, Final #KCACOLS for 2020 – 6th December 2020, Trending Advent Calendars for Christmas 2020. What are three things you cannot live without? xo. Let’s get started, shall we? This post may contain affiliate links. My sister has an English bulldog, Gabby, who is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. I kinda wish, Throwback to cute coffee shops and long conversati, © Copyright 2013 - 2020 S Marks The Spots - All Rights Reserved, A post shared by S Marks The Spots (@smarksthespots). Without further adieu – enjoy 41 things you probably don’t need to know about me but you might find amusing…and I’m not apologising if you’re offended. Well, you never know…! It’s a style of video where Youtubers share some facts about themselves, thoughts on different things they do or don’t believe in, hopes for the future and everything in between! The best part? Ask them below, and I’ll answer! Ok! Now you know my weakness! Some are prepared questions that you use whenever someone says, 'Tell me a little bit about yourself.' if it hasn't wor, Around this time last year #smarksthespots #l, One of my favourite parks in London. Email. The Ghetto, Ontario, Canada (also the birthplace of iisuperwomanii) 47. I’m very picky with movies/series and get easily bored but I never say no to an episode of Sex and the City. 1. Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada 48. 2. I’ll answer each tag question with the first thing that comes to mind. Without a doubt, Jesus is the most recognized figure in human history. And well, I thought I would share some of those little things with you so we can get to know each other a little bit better!! ), I would be equally excited for a slower pace of life and more time to focus on different things, like writing the book I’ve dreaming about or do more volunteer work. to pretty things, from bags and shoes to perfumes and candles. I’m happiest when … 1.) Even our calendar is based upon his birth and death. When people ask me what I do I always joke that ”I’m a lawyer by day and blogger by night” which is kind of true since all the blogging happens either in the evening or during the weekend. By the way, if you’re also a SATC fan, speak up. Holy Molly! Filed Under: Lifestyle, Personal notes. If you are running a YouTube channel, a blog and you want people to know about you, your personality, your likes, and dislikes, then you must try this get to know me tag.Tag questions have proved as one of the most basic resource in portraying and presenting your personality by means of a series of questions that you ask yourself in front of the camera or in blog post. April 9, 2013 at 10:18 pm. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? My curly hair post are very popular, my fashion post inspire many of my girls BUT some of you guys might not know me too well so i want to break down 10 things YOU don’t know about Melody This blog post is a part of the ’20 Things You Might Not Know About Me’ Blog Tag started by April from Blacksburg Belle. It’s me, Makana with Texas is For Lovers and I am back to share a fun idea that will help you get to know your spouse a little better! I am the opposite. If you like what you’ve just read you might want to follow A Moment With Franca on. 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me. :) I feel like I'm pretty much an open book but after over 10 years of sharing my world online (eeks, can you believe it??) is that I can be a complete goofball. Pin. HELLLO GUYS..... welcome back to Hello Gorgeous, so these are things about me which very few people know . This tag can go viral on social media platforms, especially YouTube, as you will see at the end of this article, many YouTube stars get hundreds of thousands of views for simply doing a challenge.. Another cool thing we found is that all about me Q&A questions are really popular in the blogger space as well, check out this post by Mariannelle. While I love discussing and sharing all things food and travel with you all, I figured it might be fun to share a few facts about yours truly and let you all get to know me a bit better. next post > Comments. Email. 1 Share. Mique says. I don’t like having too much stuff, because I travel so much. 46. I have always started packing my bags for a trip weeks in advance. Here are 25 things to love about the 10 Things I Hate About You and Riviera star. If you had one tip for new bloggers what would it be? I have a list of 25 random, and personal, get to know me style questions. Print. Members of the Piraha tribe in Brazil don’t have any numbers in their language, and so they’re unable to count – yet even the Piraha are able to comprehend numbers up to four. You'll be shocked to find out whats wrong with my tongue! I’ve never had to rely on those tap dancing qualifications [thank god]. Share on Twitter. 2. How do you guys like it!? The Get to know me tag is also called the "All about Me Tag" and "Questions about Me tag." Jump into the comments and let me know! I am dyslexic. Tweet. blue and white!

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