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News NHS hospitals must help patients quit smoking, says British Thoracic Society. HMIS was introduced in 1997 as a paper-based reporting system from each health facility to the Ministry of Health. Chastin SFM, Palarea-Albaladejo J, Dontje ML, Skelton DA. BMC Public Health citation style guide with bibliography and in-text referencing examples: Journal articles Books Book chapters Reports Web pages. In 2016, BMC Public Health published a number of exciting articles, some of which were highlighted in major news outlets such as the New York Times, the Guardian and the Washington Post. December 2020, issue 1; August 2020, issue 2. Lessons Learned from Global Polio Eradication. Global and public health and healthcare. BMC Public Health. Level and Determinants of Physical Activity in the V4 Countries - Part 1. Combined effects of time spent in physical activity, sedentary behaviors and sleep on obesity and cardio-metabolic health markers: a novel compositional data analysis approach. Volumes and issues. Download formatted paper in docx and LaTeX formats. The definition of journal acceptance rate is the percentage of all articles submitted to BMC Public Health that was accepted for publication. National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda MD, 20894 USA. Please feel free to get in touch with feedback on what else the BMC Series can do to progress towards a more equitable publishing system. News Maternal deaths from suicide must be tackled, say experts. BMC Public Health is cited by a total of 10802 articles during the last 3 years (Preceding 2018). The impact factor (IF) 2018 of BMC Public Health is 2.69, which is computed in 2019 as per it's definition. BMC Public Health; BMC Pulmonary Medicine; BMC Research Notes; BMC Rheumatology; BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation; BMC Structural Biology; BMC Surgery; BMC Systems Biology; BMC Urology; BMC Veterinary Research; BMC Women's Health; BMC Zoology; Most BMC Series journals have an impact factor. BMC Public Health Impact Factor 2018-2019. PLUS: Download citation style files for your favorite reference manager. This is a supplement. As 2017 comes to an end, we take a closer look at some of our favorite articles published in the last year. View Full Text View PDF Leisure time physical activity and depressive symptoms among adolescents in Sweden. BMC Public Health. Physical activity has been identified as an important factor in the promotion of mental health. BMC Public Health. Based on the Journal Acceptance Rate Feedback System database, the latest acceptance rate of BMC Public Health is 62.5%. Latest from The BMJ. BMC Public Health: Review of 2014. Feature Return of the “firm” gets cautious welcome. Health facilities are either private-for-profit (PFP) or public comprised of the government owned and private-not-for-profit (PNFP) facilities. 2016;16:163. Support Center Support Center. Citation: BMC Public Health 2020 20:1007 Content type: Research article. Doing so will mean that health care providers and public health professionals will have a more comprehensive understanding of pain and the app … Pain as a global public health priority BMC Public Health. Association of serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D with Vitamin D intervention and outdoor activity among children in North China: an observational study. BMC Public Health published an extensive collection of exciting research in 2014, with highly accessed articles covering a range of widely discussed topics. With the end of the year upon us, we look back at a few of our favorite articles from the past 12 months. DHHS. 2015;10:e0139984. Published 07 December 2016. Highlights from the BMC Series – October. Search. BMC Series Blog. Volume 19 May - December 2019. 27 November 2020 . Search within journal. Data is becoming increasingly more important. BMC Public Health Research article Open Access Pedestrian injury and the built envi ronment: an environmental scan of hotspots Nadine Schuurman* 1, Jonathan Cinnamon , Valorie A Crooks1 and S Morad Hameed2 Address: 1Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada and 2Department of Surgery, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada Email: Nadine … This section considers studies of healthcare policy, healthcare provision, and pediatric morbidity and mortality in developing nations. To help our authors do this, we have launched the data note. NIH. Published 07 December 2016. BMC Public Health. As of 2016, for the 53 journals with impact factors, BMC … We offer an efficient, fair and friendly peer review service, and are committed to publishing all sound science, provided that there is some advance in knowledge presented by the work. Authors Daniel S Goldberg 1 , Summer J McGee. PLoS One. Page 1 of 10. August 2020, issue 1. 2017 Dec 29;17(1):983. doi: 10.1186/s12889-017-4987-z. Here, we present an overview of some of the journal’s most popular articles … BMC Public Health Research article Open Access Canadian and English students' beliefs about waterpipe smoking: a qualitative study Jeremy Roskin and Paul Aveyard* Address: UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies, Primary Care Clinical Sciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK Email: Jeremy Roskin - jroskin; Paul Aveyard* - [email protected] * … In 2012, however, a web-based reporting version, the DHIS-2, was implemented with full roll-out across the country in 2013 Trends in Belgian cause-specific mortality by migrant origin between the 1990s and the 2000s Katrien Vanthomme & Hadewijch Vandenheede. In 1999 we made high quality research open to everyone who needed to access it – and in making the open access model sustainable, we changed the world of academic publishing. BMC Public Health is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in the epidemiology of disease and the understanding of all aspects of public health. Public health. The Standard Abbreviation (ISO4) of BMC Public Health is “BMC Public Health”.ISO 4 (Information and documentation – Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications) is an international standard, defining a uniform system for the abbreviation of serial publication titles. News US to ban smoking in public housing. BMC Public Health 2020. BMC Public Health has had yet another successful year, continuing to gain increased attention through exciting research published in the journal, some of which has also been promoted through the BMC Series blog and major news outlets around the world. This is a supplement . BMC Public Health is part of the BMC series which publishes subject-specific journals focused on the needs of individual research communities across all areas of biology and medicine. Published 06 December … Instant formatting template for BMC Public Health - research article guidelines. BMC Public Health Debate Open Access A translational framework for public health research David Ogilvie*1, Peter Craig2, Simon Griffin1, Sally Macintyre3 and Nicholas J Wareham1 Address: 1Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit and Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR), Cambridge, UK, 2Medical Research Council Population Health Sciences Research Network, Glasgow, UK and … Published 07 December 2016 . Find journal impact factor, acceptance rate and much more for 40,000+ journals on Typeset. Volume 20 August - December 2020. 2011 Oct 6;11:770. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-11-770. Highlights of the BMC Series – September 2020. NLM. Mental health problems have increased noticeably among adolescents. BMC has an evolving portfolio of some 300 peer-reviewed journals, sharing discoveries from research communities in science, technology, engineering and medicine. External link. BMC Public Health Research article Open Access Influenza pandemic: perception of ri sk and individual precautions in a general population. Articles from BMC Public Health are provided here courtesy of BioMed Central. Check out BMC Public Health's guidance on submitting your research to the BMC Series journals. Published on: 26 June 2020. BMC Public Health is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on the epidemiology of disease and the understanding of all aspects of public health. Researchers tell us they want to share their data to progress research, to receive more credit and visibility for their work and to comply with funder policies. We provide secure, cost-effective access to the UK's richest collection of digital content: giving you access to the latest data and content from leading international publishers and providers.. Find out more at … BMC Research Notes Launches Data Notes. Section edited by Shally Awasthi and Anne Lee. Our manuscript was a follow-up of a study already published 3 times in high-level journals, and used the same exact methodology. Please review our privacy policy. BMC Public Health is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on the epidemiology of disease and the understanding of all aspects of public health. BMC Public Health: 32.6 weeks: 42.1 weeks: n/a: 2: 4 (very good) 4 (very good) Accepted: BMC Public Health: 15.4 weeks: 15.4 weeks: n/a: 2: 0 (very bad) 0 (very bad) Drawn back: Motivation: The quality of the review process was very, very low. One major use of ISO 4 is to abbreviate the names of scientific journals. BMC Public Health publishes original peer-reviewed research articles in all aspects of epidemiology and public health medicine. 26 October 2020. BMC Public Health: 2016 in Review. PubMed PubMed Central Google Scholar 12. Open Access Funding Support Service. The relationship between non-permanent migration and non-communicable chronic disease outcomes for cancer, heart disease and diabetes – a systematic review Karen H. Wang, Zoé M. Hendrickson, Cynthia A. Brandt wt al.

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