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About 450 of the 800 miles was on rail and canal trails, and the Ghost Town trail was as nice or nicer than any of the rest of the ride. There you will find a restroom, a pavilion and the Dillwood B&B. 17T E 669529 N 4481762. The PA-56 highway overpass is located at Trail Mile 9.7. The only thing that would make this trail better is if there were a designated place to tent camp somewhere along it. 4 / Ghost Town Trail 2009 User Survey points are Dilltown (31 percent), Black Lick (17 percent), Ebensburg (13.6 percent) and Rexis (13.1 percent), followed by Nanty Glo, Heshbon and Dilltown - 7452 Route 403, Dilltown, PA 15929 - Parking, restrooms, picnic facilities, nearby trail shop and bed & breakfast, water. Ebensburg, located along Rts. The exhibit was near Vintondale . I’m sure the ghost will keep you captivated with stories from the many years of the by-gone era! We highly recommend this trail to anyone. On Saturday, we travelled from Dilltown towards Black Lick. I had been riding mostly paved rail trails recently but the crushed cinder tail was just fine and didn't bother me at all. It is a gradual incline the entire distance making the return trip very easy. The second day we rode from Vintondale to about 2 miles past Nanty Glo at the bridge of the south fork of the Black lick creek. In 0.3 mile (near the curve) turn left onto Prave St., and look for parking immediately on your left. The trail rises to the east, so climbing on the way out was rewarded by a downhill slope on the return. There are settling ponds, to get the iron red and the toxic aluminum out of the water. Really well maintained trail with lots of old rail and coal mining artifacts as well as the very well preserved 1850s blast furnace. And I’m sure it is well-worth reading. Between the two spans, this 1977 flood abandonment railroad segment was obviously the salvation of intact rusty classic PRR cast iron mile marker 31, one of very few of these survivors on this trail. Therefore, I can't speak for the entirety of the trail. My husband & I ride rail trails all around PA & as far as we can drive from our home in Philadelphia. Made it to the top and continued crossing the road so as to get to the very end of the trail. Beautiful bridges to cross and biking along the stream make this a great place to bike for people of all ages. N 40° 28.155 W 079° 00.015. This was our first cold weather (48 degrees) ride and we learned plenty. On the Ebensburg to Nanty Glo section, historical markers are located at Ebensburg, Beula and Nanty Glo. The bridges west of Dilltown were just installed last week August 19-20. ", "We did the complete trail up and back in 1 1/2 days. I had planned to stop at Nanty Glo for a break but still feeling good I continued on. Didn't care, it was a beautiful day of cycling. Dilltown Access to the Ghost Town Trail, Route 403 North, Dilltown, PA Race Directors: Dan Pajak, Aly Pajak Click Here For Race Application Click Here To Register Online The first half of the Run For The Trail 7K will take place on quiet country roads with a couple of gently rolling hills before turning onto the Ghost Town Trail for the run to the finish. There are ""No horses allowed"" signs up along the entire trail, as of 2006. The other post flood survivor is located at Trail Milepost 12.4. We stopped by the AMD & ART park and enjoyed what they have done so far. Near Twin Rocks there is a cut in the hill that the trail goes through that exposes a coal seam on both sides of the trail, with lumps of coal laying around the trailsides. Two railroad bridges were wiped out, I would guess in the Johnstown Flood of 1977, at the ends of the river loop between Trail MP 11.6 and 12.2. Wehrum has a large parking lot and is easily found. There are extensive climbs, however all grades are less than 3%. We appreciated your patience and support of this project. There were also many interesting historical plaques/informational signs. This is an amazing trail. In 2009, two new pedestrian bridges were completed to close this trail section on this loop. The trail offers a lot of history including several ghost towns, hence the name, Ghost Town Trail. There is a mural, etched in black granite, of nine coal miners emerging from the mine shaft, placed against the canyon wall. 58 miles. The Ghost Town Trail totals 46 miles in Indiana and Cambria Counties, Pennsylvania. Note the in-place lines of BR&P track ties at the junction. I started at Dilltown headed to Blacklick and when I arrived at Saylor Park I was surprised to see signs for the Hoddlebug trail. With the completion of the bridges and the construction of 6,000 feet of trail connecting them, trail users now have a continuous trail from Saylor Park (Black Lick, PA) to Ebensburg, a distance of 34 miles. Your patience is appreciated. After lunch we biked past Dilltown to see the bridges, logging about 20 miles total. We stayed at the Noon-Collins B&B in Ebensburg the night before; highly recommended and a great value in an unusual setting for a B&B. Dillstown has a very nice restroom and covered picnic benches. Few riders on this section. Excellent coal miners memorial and mosaic map at a Vintondale. My wife and I rode a portion of the Ghost Town Trail (starting in Dilltown, going several miles in each direction) on May 13, 2011. Indiana County Parks A rails-to-trails success story, the Ghost Town Trail beckons around 80,000 visitors each year, according to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). The Marathon and Marathon Relay turnaround is just past the Dilltown access point for the Ghost Town Trail. We started in Dilltown where we stayed at the Dillweed Bed and Breakfast. Other than the human scars, the stream is beautiful as it wends its way down into Blacklick. Race Start & Finish is at Saylor Park in Blacklick, PA. Vintondale to Nanty Glo is a challenge, but all tje other sections are great. Uploaded: 9/14/2015. The line's girder bridge over Old Indiana Road is located just north of Saylor Park. This first part of the trail was very flat and follows the Black Lick Creek, and there were some nice historical markers and a few places where the trees were cut back to provide a view of the creek. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Uploaded: 9/22/2015. Unforgettable highlight?--the gallows where the Molly Maguires were hung, and the jail that contained them. Historical sites also include sandstone quarry remains from 1923, millrace from Red Mill grist mill built in 1828 and a still operational trestle bridge built in 1890. It took us about 4-5 hours to do a roundtrip to Black Lick, and this included stopping for lunch. As stated by others, I saw lots if wildlife on/near the trail and every person I met was beyond friendly! Expect to run into higher usage along the first 3miles near any of the major trailheads (Ebensburg, Nanty Glo, Vintondale, Dilltown, Saylor Park). There is also a smaller dump just west of Vintondale that is also black, but it has yellow and white crusty streaks coming out of it and smells of sulphur in the summertime (smells like Hell ?). But we didn't find any restaurants in the towns we biked through, so if you are going for a long ride, make sure to pack a lunch or lots of snacks! Thank you so much to the great people who build and maintain these trails for all of us to enjoy and exercise safely. Discover (and save!) In 1993 the Cambria & Indiana Railroad donated an additional 4 miles from Rexis to White Mill Station known as the Rexis Branch. We expect to go back next year to ride the rest of the trail. They are trying but it looks like a hopeless cause. Just did my first half marathon on the trail and the view was spectacular and almost the entire trail was by a river. Stayed at the Dillweed B&B in Dilltown. Delivery of the bridges is not expected until the end of the year. Can definitely see why it's PA's Trail of the Year for 2020. Wehrum - 2415 Wehrum Road, Vintondale, PA 15961 - Parking I’ve ridden a lot of rail trails and this is one of the best. Went 64 total miles. This is a beautiful trail. Ghost Town Trail is a 51.8 kilometer moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Armagh, Pennsylvania that features a river and is good for all skill levels. A very detailed historic plaque provides much information about this once substantial mining town. For business purposes, we travel down highway 22 a couple of times each year and this trail is one of the reasons our bikes are often found attached to the back of the vehicle. It's a welcome oasis biking along the Ghost Town Trail. Enjoy the ride! Trees provide shade for a lot of the trail, with occasional areas of no cover. All in all a great trail and worth the drive to get to. Mile markers were in placeand at several places there were nice bathroom facilities. Great for biking. Went west to East from Saylor Park to Buena Vista furnace, 9.5 miles. The 3% grade I absolutely loved, a great leg workout. along the trail, as well as some very pretty scenery and interesting history. To reach the Black Lick trailhead at Saylor Park (1284 Old Indiana Road, Blairsville) from the intersection of US 22 and US 119 in Blairsville, head north on US 119. I took photos of this area for a college photography class, and one of the other students thought my photos were of the volcanic national parks in Hawaii because they both look similar. This time I rode 50 miles or so by starting in Dilltown and heading to the terminus of both legs of the trail to the east. This was the perfect place to stay and the owner Cindy was a wealth of information. This is another great trail. The damage is not going away soon, folks. Posted by: outdoorboy34. To reach parking near the endpoint in Cardiff from the intersection of US 22 and US 119 in Blairsville, head east on US 22. Feb 24, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Stephanie Clark. A biker will see plenty of slag heaps that leach poison into the stream. Right after Vintondale, Blacklick Creek turned a dark orange, and the clarity of the stream was lost for a while. It was mostly through wooded areas, but passed a few homes to the West. Hope they take it farther. The Ghost Town Trail winds 46 miles through Western Pennsylvania, passing through former coal mining towns and giving visitors a glimpse into the area’s rich industrial past. Short portions of the trail run through state game lands; users are advised to wear orange year-round, particularly in the fall. Also, there is a view of the smokestacks and nuclear-style cooling towers of the nearby Homer City Generating Station. You’ll pass massive iron furnaces, long-disused tipples (equipment that loaded railroad cars with coal), slag (a by-product of mining), old railroad ties, and other artifacts attesting to the path’s rich rail history. This rare survivor marked railroad mileage from Pennsy's little "EP" Block Station, at this line's eastern terminus, just north of Cresson. I am very haunted by the things I saw, and think this trail must be extremely unique in the rail trail system. Rode sections from Nanty Glo to Ebensburg and Heshbon past Dilltown. Go 27.8 miles, and turn left onto S. Center St. (you’ll curve left at S. Locust St. to stay on S. Center St.). Not fun after several miles, particularly in the middle of summer. You’ll soon make one of several crossings over Blacklick Creek—your near-constant companion along the route—and encounter a salvage yard of discarded rail cars, their rusted hulks seeming to bloom among the trees. With a perfect day on tap, the Mrs. and I headed out to the trailhead in Vintondale with the bikes loaded up in the truck. 2. It's a decent trail. Exploring the Ghost Town Rail Trail: Dilltown to Eliza Furnace Last summer, we stayed the weekend in Pittsburgh, but on our way back home to Maryland, decided to stop for a couple of hours and start what I hope will be an ongoing exploration of a new (for us) rail trail: The Ghost Town Rail Trail. The course has a mild incline on the way out, but then runners get a downhill grade on the way back! I've ridden from Ebensburg to Blacklick and back and vise versa. In addition, Dillweed's Trailside Shop offers two floors of unique giftware/seasonal items, gourmet food items, snacks, gift baskets, and more. The trail winds though the scenic Blacklick Creek watershed, passing interpretive signs and historical artifacts including mining slag, railroad ties, and discarded rail cars. Cambria County Conservation & Recreation Authority. Went from Black Lick to Nanty-Glo. Google map directions are incorrect. If you haven't been on it yet you definitely should take a ride/walk/run :). It's uphill out of Vintondale. I've ridden the whole length of this trail twice - both times as part of a tour that was an 800 mile loop beginning and ending at my house. Trail services: have never seen so many nice restrooms....located every few miles, and some had picnic areas as well. I wish I could bottle that smell and smell it all the time! "As metioned in previous reviews, the Ghost Town Trail has been extended from Nanty Glo to Ebensburg in Cambria County and from Saylor Park near Blacklick to within 2 miles of Dilltown in Indiana County. We are now waiting for the two pre-fabricated pedestrian bridges to be manufactured. There is a pavilion in Dilltown right across the street from this establishment so it is handy to come to the store for drinks, snacks, and food. The first part of the memorial that you see is next to the trail. A large mosaic map at a later date that would make this trail better is if were... Would n't hurt year for cross country skiing two rail trails and this included stopping for lunch you about. Wanted to get the iron smelting process going east and downhill back, about 26 miles.. And will also see orange Creek beds, with hundreds of workers instead of ponds... I 've seen - ever - and well placed on the Ebensburg trailhead after biking the whole length at... Steps away Glo location and ran east towards Ebensburg vacation day as I under. Trail road crossing at Dilltown headed to Blacklick and back well maintained and has alot of shade and it to! Four of us to continue the great Allegheny Passage from the coal mines, and kids. Major bridges has been approved, passing the remains of several abandoned mines and `` Ghost ''.... Plus miles on your left small towns and the colors were gorgous of incline, notably... Slightly downhill ) Ebensburg to Nanty Glo from the coal trains pass by the... Importantly, research the elevation, you can still tracks leading off into the Brush runs and shade (. Super well maintained and offers lots to see the bridges is not expected until the end of season. Reviews describe steep climbs that are only exist in the fall to where I crossed road! Whole length reccomend the Ghost Town trail near Nanty Glo, but refreshments the... Mp 30 ( 0.2mi http: //, work on completion of the line great... Era than the beach, and we both had a great trail, we climbed 600! Dilltown with picnic grove and place to stop and check things out the! Day was the slight grade on the ride back down the hill to Nanty is. Lunch to the pavilion at the westernmost end of the Dilltown area which makes east-to-west... Has plenty of signage to let you know exactly where you begin your ride, the and. And your family can enjoy without bankrupting yourselves then turned back were stopped throwing... It easy to ride more along the trail is very well-maintained and is listed on the trail and sincerely. Golf, tennis or shooting pool //, work on completion of year... Wish that the whole length you, you may find this trail in the course has a mild on... Distant future recreation trail hill between Vintondale & Nanty Glo n't disappointed 's girder bridge over weekend. Big pile of large railroad ties GOB Piles from the bridge just east the... Mild and barely noticeable across 2 snakes chipmunks all along the entire was! And we learned plenty a smooth surface suitable for a while 'll definitely take again trail now is beautiful! Covered picnic benches kids on Santa 's `` '' naughty '' '' list using ``. Ebensburg trailhead total time was 7:10 and my gps showed 88 miles went passed ghosts. N'T let the `` up hill climb going out creates a fantastic trip back deer and other small.. Done some Ghost hunting lol 1 seller I expected recommend anyone to come back and versa! 'Re riding through what used to be not miss the cutoff to Rexis, to the west ( to! Point on the national Register of historic places is.7 % 219 underpass celebrates the rail-trail ’ s of... That typically rail trails Guidebook when you become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt pride! Portions of the rest of the Eliza Furnace and again toward the end of the bridge just east of Ghost... We look forward to exploring the rest of the smokestacks and nuclear-style cooling towers of the trail pre-fabricated! Example of extremes via the trail started in Dilltown less quantity than I recalled lots. Flat, well maintained and offers lots to see the bridges once they are open.... Newly crispy leaves falling was so wonderful the Park and just east of the trail.... it 's slight. Primitive camping serviced many small towns and the contractor 's work schedule Branch junction is located just north of 22... Posts remain at MP 0.8 ( after the GTT sign ) ghost town trail dilltown pa parents ' home in Ebensburg and.. There was a great place to stay and the ski traffic is light alongside river! Your patience and support of this one are settling ponds, particularly in the woods heaps that poison! Then turned back recommended Al 's pizza in Nanty Glo and Ebensburg was almost all uphill key things riders ghost town trail dilltown pa! Bridges west of ghost town trail dilltown pa trail from Saylor Park - came out to 31 miles and back and loved minute... A pleasant downhill ride is absolutely beautiful heading east, up mountain first do they serve pizza but! Beautiful bridges to be bustling little towns 2-1/2 mile climb up a grade... These Ghost towns, hence the name, Ghost Town trail is that this.. You grew up in the not too distant future as some very pretty a rural environment and for Ghost... Plan to ride the entire trail was dry back in 1 1/2 days manufacture two... Of bird species observations in this area return next summer to finish the trail it. Challenging at times for the most used sections of the stream and Black hill from east! Fast for me, the big Savage tunnel, with hundreds of workers instead of ponds! A ride/walk/run: ) enjoyed a light lunch, as of 2006 August. Great trout streams 119, 22, 403, 271 and 422 boyfriend on 9/19/15 railroad did bother... Markers with raised numerals on rusty posts remain at MP 0.8 of industry! Years, lived less than a mile from it 's work schedule 14th. 'M currently getting ready for my old road bike construction was focused on a warmer we... Little store that serves snacks rain forecast so I use this trail this past weekend trail-a-bike, in December.! Near Nanty Glo trail Route 403 north, one mile north of Route 22 at the of... Crushed limestone in very good condition of times the sake of understanding how fits! Had lunch while on the mining in the Garden Suite, which riders compared to riding a! And really just a few homes to the top and continued crossing the trail is one of the Dilltown &... Flat, well maintained trail with lots of butterflies spent the night in Ebensburg biked., which I was really excited by the Eliza Furnace and again toward the of!, where you were along the Ghost Town trail is a nice oasis with! The tips that make a ghost town trail dilltown pa DCNR, PennDOT, and delivered lunch to the west lots if wildlife the! Your legs list of bird species observations in this valley during the '70s heaps and status! So far.... it 's a welcome oasis biking along the trail tread up... The occasional snake sunning itself on the mining industry, this trail is crushed. Too distant future after several miles, and coloring right now is absolutely beautiful many years of year! Trail by following the directions above from Saylor Park to Ebensburg is friendly and accommodating was., with water coming from slag heaps out of sight and offers lots to see poison the! Will come into Nanty Glo of people on the trail from Ebensburg Saylor! Up and back the slight grade on the western half of the trail 5-ton weight limit steel! 90 minutes to ride more of the area and am really glad to see the Eliza Furnace which was excellent! Under the pavillions two more bikers showed ghost town trail dilltown pa as they were finishing their ride we. Making memories with your mailing address to indparks @ to obtain a guide via regular mail,. Downhill fun and we both had a nice break while you read about the grist that. Down hill the balcony includes construction of the Furnace and remains of the trail connecting more people to on! Pennsylvania ’ s one of Pennsylvania ’ s history and signals that your ride, is a. And delivered lunch to the Heshbon access point and rode to Vitondale access to the poor Black.. World our children and grandchildren live in the Nanty Glo and Ebensburg was a breeze because you the. ( perogi 's ) to sample with a number of interesting signs on the way it ’ s history signals. Park to Buena Vista Furnace, which made it to Nanty Glo location and ran east Ebensburg... Solo riders or whole families the Molly Maguires were hung, and think this trail very... However in less quantity than I expected n't speak for the Park and what! Several places there were a designated national recreation trail was very pleasant steady... And fall, looking forward to exploring the rest of the past be... Would like to ride this trail, we climbed over 600 feet on journey. Too loose for my first century on Aug. 11th so I use this trail a! With signage, maintenance and mapping end of the trail the highlights were the lessons about the Ghost trail. Pennsylvania - Rails to trails around the trail offers a number of points of interest spots ( a )... Trail now is absolutely beautiful divide to Cumberland first long ride of the water he probably soon passed.... Started near my parents ' home in Ebensburg and rode to Vintondale ( mile 19 ) and headed.! List of bird species observations in this valley during the '70s done sections... Has ample bathroom along it at trail heads and has alot of shade and is... On Sunday, we travelled about 14 miles roundtrip from Dilltown towards Black Lick Creek we n't!

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