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Scup, sea bream and sheepshead are all part of the Sparidae family. They are, however, quite good when eaten whole off the bone. Around 50% of scup reach sexually mature at two years of age and about 17 cm (about 7 inches) total length. WHITEBONE PORGY (Calamus leucosteus) OTHER NAMES: White Porgy, Silver Porgy, Silver Snapper RANGE: All Florida coasts and the Bahamas. The commercial fishery gets 78% of the allowable catch and the recreational sector gets 22%. I totally understand why this fish gets overlooked, but this needs to end. Turns out, sardines are worth their salt. Currently spawning stock biomass is around double the target, and fishing mortality is around half the threshold for management action. That name -- no prize either -- is derived from a Narragansett Indian word mischcuppauog that the colonists blessedly shortened to scuppaug and eventually to scup. Here is a video highlighting the Porgy, also known as a Scup! HABITAT: Usually in fairly deep water, 15-100 feet, over rocks, reefs or patchy bottom. Never. What do scup eat? scup | porgy | As nouns the difference between scup and porgy is that scup is a fish, ; the porgy or scup can be (us|dialect) a swing while porgy is any of several fish of the family sparidae; the sea bream. As an appetizer, indulging in one or two scallops is enough. ", Underrated: Lake Fish"Fish like Northern pike, lake herring, and sunfish are often really underutilized. Large fish arrive to the spawning grounds first, followed by successive waves of smaller individuals, suggesting that scup school by size. The author with a husky porgy taken on a clam tipped jig. At two to three years of age, they mature. Given such low value and general market conditions back in 2012, the Council initiated an amendment that year to revisit allocation, based on the perceived need for anglers to have greater access to the resource and the supposition that excessive commercial landings were creating low prices. Scup abundance is often tied to water temperature. I even enjoy eating a few fresh white Spanish anchovies on their own.”, RICK MOONEN, CHEF/OWNER, RM SEAFOOD (LAS VEGAS, NV)Overrated: Sea Scallops“I find sea scallops to be boring. Scup, summer flounder, bluefish and striped bass are on the menu now. People outside the Midwest don't see these types of fish on menus often, but they're super delicious. Since 2004 such states, with the approval of ASMFC, have formed a northern region in which each adopts the same bag limit, size limit and season length. Scup are relatively small, laterally compressed fish with a silhouette not too different from that of a freshwater sunfish. The center of abundance is located off eastern New York. The center of abundance is located off eastern New York. Once you get past its prehistoric exterior, pearly white meat awaits, which is sweet, flaky, and similar to a prime-rib cut of grouper. Sturgeon is really expensive, but it's actually been around for hundreds of thousands of years, and is actually very earthy tasting. Between 2006 and 2015, about 97% of recreational scup landings (in numbers of fish) occurred in state waters and about 3% occurred in federal waters. Scup occur primarily in the Atlantic from Massachusetts to South Carolina. Porgy Fishing Techniques and Tips. But as w… If I see one more whole fried flounder with whatever glaze on it, I think I’ll dine elsewhere. Northeast Angling 58,024 views. Scup? Scup are generally benthic feeders, consuming small crustaceans (including zooplankton), worms, mollusks, small squid, vegetable detritus, insect larvae, hydroids, sand dollars, and small fish. Adding the excitement and allure of fast-paced porgy action at this point is a relaxing of the scup restrictions from September 1 through October 31. But first, a few words on timing, both tidal and seasonal, as when you start looking for big porgies will have much to do with your ultimate success. Along with many other fish of the family Sparidae, it is also commonly known as porgy.. Scup grow as large as 18 in (450 mm) and weigh 3 to 4 lb … On August 4, 2012, while fishing off Bock Island, Marcelo Moutinho landed what could be the new all-tackle world record porgy (scup). Sorry, lobster, but it's time to stop basking in your seafood glory. It's good when you eat it chilled or steamed with butter, but there are other things you can do with it when you don't have to regard it as so precious. Maybe I am unaware of the lingo used further north, but porgy and menhaden are different species, while this article makes them seem interchangeable. Along the oceanfront (as opposed to bay waters) in our part of the world, we don’t see scup in any real, reliable numbers until somewhere around late July. Most of the scup caught by anglers weigh less than three pounds, although they can grow to twice that size. DAMON GORDON, EXECUTIVE CHEF, WATER GRILL (SANTA MONICA, CA)Overrated: Atlantic Salmon“Atlantic salmon is definitely the first thing that comes to mind. Larval scup are pelagic and are found in coastal waters during warmer months. Moratorium permits became a requirement in the commercial scup fishery after Amendment 8 established a limited-entry system. … When water temperatures begin to rise in spring and summer, scup migrate to more northerly, inshore waters to spawn. Now, being from the Northwest, we grow up eating this so called wonder of the sea -- and God knows Grandma loves it -- but there are so many other fish in the sea! And in the western Atlantic there are such species as the scup, or northern porgy (Stenotomus chrysops), a small fish, brownish above and silvery below, and the sheepshead (Archosargus probatocephalus), a black-banded grayish fish growing to about 75 cm and 9 … DESCRIPTION: Color is a silvery white, sometimes with dark blotches or patterns. A ten-year rebuilding plan was implemented in 2007 with Amendment 14 to the Fishery Management Plan. Yes, it is super rich and fatty, and it is a safe choice for untrained cooks, as you cannot overcook this fish if you tried. Always see people trying other baits: squid, mackrel strips, gulp, peanut bunker, bucktails, diamond jigs, ect...but for inshore bottom fishing … While scup generally reach a maximum age of around 14 years, they have been known to live as long as 20 years. Scup are plentiful in the coastal waters of Rhode Island. With a bit of practice and background knowledge, anyone can be a porgy pro! It’s the boneless, skinless chicken breast of the sea.”, Underrated: Porgy“You hardly ever see porgy on a restaurant’s menu... specials maybe, but not on the actual menu. The research done on porgy tends to refer to scup: Stenotomus chrysops. Porgy? Giant Porgy Fishing (Scup Fishing) - Block Island, RI - Duration: 24:14. She's the person who always wants anchovies on the pizza, and is glad they, and their sardine brethren, are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Sign up for occasional Fissues email updates: Copyright © 2020 Marine Fish Conservation Network Designed by WPlook Studio, A project of the Marine Fish Conservation Network, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC), Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC). The Council’s Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) recommends annual Acceptable Biological Catch (ABC) levels for scup, which are then approved by the Council and Commission and submitted to NOAA Fisheries for final approval and implementation. The name alone conjures up images of greasy, slimy, pickled fish served in the nether regions of the USSR during an Orwellian tale of destitution. This species was also on an endangered list for a while before the supply replenished itself. Porgy? The most recent benchmark assessment, which took place in 2015, determined that scup were still in very good shape, not overfished and not experiencing overfishing. Meanwhile, scup or porgy (Stenotomus chrysops) is a locally available East Coast native whose populations have rebounded. Lobster is, and can be, really delicious, but everyone thinks it's this super-fancy ingredient, and it once was very cheap and considered a low-class option. They are a colorful fish, with a pink body and a yellow lateral line. And there are endless ways to prepare them -- you can grill them, lightly pickle them, and fry them. Still, the commercial fishermen sell scup from $.55 a pound to $1.50 on the higher end. They support important commercial and recreational fisheries, particularly off New York and southern New England. Rachel Freeman is a food/drink editorial assistant at Thrillist. Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island accounted for 99.2% of recreational scup harvest in 2015. The Council and Commission’s implementation of GRAs was likely a large contributing factor to scup’s earlier-than-scheduled rebuild and recent abundance, and their current availability to anglers. However few scup older than age 7 are caught in the Mid-Atlantic. The sheepshead has large, broad incisor teeth, much like a sheep. The management unit for scup includes U.S. waters from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina to the U.S.-Canadian border. As with most fishes that have a large flat body type, they can exert an amazing amount of downward pressure for their size. Its versatility allows it to be served a number of ways, whether broiled, baked, sautéed, or simply grilled.”, JOE MAGNANELLI, EXECUTIVE CHEF, FISH PUBLIC (SAN DIEGO, CA)Overrated: Salmon“I like salmon, but I think it's overused when there are so many other good fish options out there.”, Underrated: Anchovies“Anchovies get a bad reputation because often people perceive them as salty, boney, and from a can. Native to the Atlantic Ocean, several species fall under the umbrella of what gets called porgy. Currently the possession limit in federal waters is a whopping 50 fish per person, with a 9” size limit. ", Underrated: Sea Snails or Whelks (or in Italian, Scongilli)“Whelks are very underrated. The roe is beautiful and so small and fantastic on sushi, and in other countries they eat the fish with the roe still inside, which seems to me like the best surprise a chef can give you. Scup do not have a particularly high market value, perhaps because they are a relatively bony critter and fillets, even on the larger ones, are not very substantial. Scup / Porgy The scup, Stenotomus chrysops, is a fish which occurs primarily in the Atlantic from Massachusetts to South Carolina. 21" Montauk Harbor. Join the discussion today. Their meat is sweeter, larger, and more plump than escargot or fresh-water snails. To find out which seafood mainstays are the real deal, and which ones are better off tossed to the seagulls, we asked a bunch of renowned, seafood-focused chefs which seafood items are the most overhyped, and which truly earn their place on your plate (and their price point). It has a mild, sweet flavor that is similar to snapper. This puts her in prime position for fishing the Nantucket Sound, the Vineyard Sound, and the open waters beyond. Spawning takes place from May through August and usually peaks in June and July. Porgy is delicate because it’s not all that big, but it’s an oily fish, no question, Eden explained. The scup is about one-half as deep as it is long (to the base of the tail fin) and very thin through, recalling a butterfish. Records of the commercial scup fishery date back to the early 1800s. Follow her to small, salty fish at @rachelifreeman. Porgy (or Scup), I do not believe are in the herring family with bunker (menhaden). Photo courtesy of Capt. Porgy are in the sea bream family (sparidae). Find Scup (Porgy) Fishing Reports, Charters, Tackle and information to create the best fishing memories of a lifetime for you and your family and friends. Such regional approach creates consistency between the states, which only makes sense in a fishery where fishermen from different states are often fishing alongside each other in the same waters. ", Underrated: Sardines"Grilled, sautéed, or baked in any simple presentation (such as sea salt, lemon, and olive oil), this salty, oily jewel of the sea never disappoints. In fact, growing up, my Mum used to fry whole sardines and give them to us kids and we’d pick them apart with our hands and eat them with lemon and vinegar. It is not unusual to find them in good numbers on featureless sand or mud bottom. Big salmon steaks are the obligatory easy choice on any menu from Le Bernardin to Denny's, but salmon is too greasy to be served in such large portions. Scup definition is - a porgy (Stenotomus chrysops) occurring along the Atlantic coast of the U.S. chiefly from North Carolina to Maine and used as a panfish. While diners love the buttery, rich taste, they may not know that this fish enters US markets headless, gutted, and FROZEN. They are also great filleted and grilled or sautéed. But bass isn't the only fish in the school that's way more popular than it deserves to be. See more. Red porgy, also known as pink or silver snapper, are an abundant bottom fish in North Carolina. It’s delicious. They have less fat, more flavor, they're easier to cook, and they are not as heavily fished, so you can feel good about buying them.”, Underrated: Smelt“No one serves smelt anymore. The thing is, smelt is awesome... mild little fish served dredged and fried with pickled beets or tahini cream: It's hard to beat that. In 2015, 650 vessels held moratorium permits for scup. It tastes like crustacean. After a 2009 a benchmark stock assessment determined that the stock was no longer overfished (above a scientifically determined spawning stock biomass level) and overfishing was not occurring (removals were not exceeding production), scup was declared rebuilt, way ahead of schedule. Porgy definition is - a blue-spotted silvery-red food fish (Pagrus pagrus of the family Sparidae) of the eastern and western Atlantic; also : any of various fishes (such as a scup) of the same family. Blue lines on head. Their natural flavor is masked, unlike other seafoods, especially Gulf seafood, where their inherent taste profile is at the forefront of the dish.”, Underrated: Tripletail Fish"Tripletail fish is elusive to some -- they can be hard to catch, and are a little intimidating in whole form, with three scaly fins that give the appearance of three tails (hence the name, ‘tripletail’). Trawlers currently cannot fish for longfin squid, black sea bass, or silver hake in the Northern GRA from November 1 – December 31 and in the Southern GRA from January 1 – March 15 unless they use mesh that is at least 5 inches in diameter. The commercial scup fishery operates year-round, taking place mostly in federal waters during the winter months and mostly in state waters during the summer. Who doesn't love a lobster roll? The intent was to reduce what were largely considered to be catastrophic juvenile scup bycatch (dead-discards) in the small-mesh squid fisheries. I totally understand why this fish gets overlooked, but this needs to end. Half of the time it’s farm-raised in some tank. There is actually a video on YouTube of John Skinner using gulp alive to catch scup. There are some fantastic alternatives like Alaskan black cod.”, Underrated: Porgy“When I first opened up South Edison in Montauk, and was creating a menu from the locally available seafood, my fish purveyor suggested I give porgy a chance. Porgy gets a bad rap for a lot of reasons: it's used as bait for bigger fish, and its name doesn't sound particularly classy. Porgy is rather abundant and in no danger of being overfished.”, DUNCAN BIDDULPH, EXECUTIVE CHEF, KINMONT (CHICAGO, IL)Overrated: Fancified Seafood"The most overrated seafood to me is super-fancy seafood -- I don't get why it's been decided that certain seafood will be held in overly high regard. Porgy is sustainable, and it is fished off of our local coasts. Smoked, cured, or poached in small portions are the only ways I eat it because it helps cut back on some of the fat and allows the delicate flavor to really shine. They should be served with no bones and given a quick brine to balance their strong flavor.”, ERIC LEE, CHEF DE CUISINE, JAX FISH HOUSE (DENVER, CO)Overrated: Salmon“Salmon is over-fished, overly fatty, and too often overcooked. Just about everything. I figured light tackle jig fishing would definitely be a lot of fun with the way porgies and triggerfish strike and fight. Try steelhead or arctic char. Both were very mild-tasting, white-fleshed fish. Started by BrettOCO, December 24, 2013. ", AUSTIN KIRZNER, EXECUTIVE CHEF, RED FISH GRILL (NEW ORLEANS, LA)Overrated: Mussels“By the time you get past the heavy cream, garlic, wine, parsley, and any other ingredients coating the mussels, you can hardly taste the meat. “The porgy fishery is a robustly healthy fishery,” says Sean Dixon, co-founder of the Village Fishmonger in New York City. The sardine is a great protein that we at RockCreek serve in a variety of preparations, and is also one of the most healthy proteins we humans can eat. The scup (Stenotomus chrysops) is a fish which occurs primarily in the Atlantic from Massachusetts to South Carolina. Since then, however, the recreational fishing sector hasn’t met their harvest targets, or even come close to them, so at least that part of the amendment has been on the back burner. Generally, you won’t find them in water temps under 45 degrees, but they are most frequent in water temperatures from 55 to 77 degrees. Nearly all scup older than three years are of reproductive age. The Scup (Stenotomus chrysops), or porgy is an Atlantic fish found from New England through Florida and the Bahamas. What people might not know is that generic Atlantic salmon is more mass produced, so the complexities of the flavor profile are not as pronounced as what a wild salmon from the Pacific Northwest or Scotland offers, which is what we offer at Water Grill.”, Underrated: Sardines“They’re often looked upon as a low-end product, but they’re high in fatty acids, which are really good for you. Thank you all for checking out this video! Most Montauk charter captains will pursue stripers or fluke. They’re also pricey and not sustainable. Also, some chefs are serving this bottom-dweller raw these days, which, if not cut right, can be outright offensive, stringy, and gummy. I always refer to sea scallops as the marshmallows of the sea.”, Underrated: Cobia“Cobia is a great fish being farmed, and very few people know what Cobia is. I also enjoy them grilled and served with a breadcrumb persillade. Like summer flounder and black sea bass, scup is jointly managed by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) and the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC), who work cooperatively to develop fishery regulations. After a few bites, they become bland and I am over them already! Most recreational scup fishing takes place in state waters during the summer months when the fish are inshore. A coast-wide commercial quota is allocated between three quota periods: winter I, summer, and winter II. The fall porgy bite can be ferocious so bring along a big cooler and plenty of ice. The Council and Commission developed these seasonal quotas to ensure that smaller day boats, which typically operate near shore in the summer months, and larger vessels, which typically operate offshore in the winter months, have the ability to land scup before the annual quota is reached. Associate Provost James Griffin of Johnson & Wales supervised a blind tasting of the two species. In 2005 scup was designated as overfished, thus triggering the establishment of a rebuilding strategy under Federal Fishery Management Law. Fresh Clam for sea bass, works well for porgies as well unless they are really picky...then worms get the nod. Every time I have this as an option on my menu, with a preparation that sells with a differently regarded fish, the porgy does not sell as well by comparison. They’re almost never used, and are worthy of restaurant menus in NYC.”, JOHN ONDO, CHEF/OWNER, LANA (CHARLESTON, SC)Overrated: Flounder“It's on my menu, and we use wild-caught flounder predominately from North and South Carolina, but it is so boring. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Popular with anglers looking for Scup (Porgy) fishing charters in Hyannis . The most prolific fish for those soaking bait are the ubiquitous scup or porgy. Choose the appropriate state to find the scup regulations. Scup was the most abundant fish in colonial times, landing the name "porgy," which was an Native American term for "fertilizer. The proof is in the pudding. They grow as large as 18 in (450 mm) and weigh 3 to 4 lb (2 kg), but they average 1/2 - 1 lb (0.5 kg). While scup make good table fare, the fish were so abundant that they were probably also used to fertilize New England’s fields, as the name “porgy,” came from the native American moniker for “fertilizer.”. Their 42’ Bruno Downeast-style boat is docked in Hyannis harbor. And scup as a live bait often account for some of the largest stripers caught. Scup undertake extensive migrations between inshore and offshore waters. Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Scup definition, a sparid food fish, Stenotomus chrysops, found along the Atlantic coast of the U.S., having a compressed body and high back. The recreational scup fishery is characterized by huge bag limits. The texture of it, the flavor of it, you can grill, sauté, broil, fry it... whatever you want. Red porgy have molar-like back teeth, allowing them to dine on snails, crabs, worms, urchin, and small fish. Bluefish can often be found foraging on scup concentrations spawning occurs once over! For hundreds of thousands of years, and pastas into ordering again and again default... Type, they have been known to live as long as 20 years waters during months. Looking for scup ( porgy ) fishing charters in Hyannis other examples of overrated fancy seafood are and! Required to fish for those soaking bait are the ubiquitous scup or porgy they be... Warmer months Chilean sea bass, works well for porgies as well unless they are brought... Porgy tends to refer to scup: Stenotomus chrysops, is a highlighting. I figured light tackle jig fishing would definitely be a porgy pro inshore and offshore waters some.. Are on the higher end most of the allowable catch and the recreational sector gets 22 % I totally why... The fish are inshore, scup or porgy ( or in Italian Scongilli! Reefs or patchy bottom bottom fishing for rock bass in a second are. Occurs once annually over weedy or sandy areas, mostly off of our coasts! And southern New England 's way more popular than it deserves to be a. 650 vessels held moratorium permits became a requirement in the small-mesh squid fisheries good numbers featureless... Overlooked, but this needs to end to catch scup unless they are commonly brought along! I also enjoy them grilled and served with a husky porgy taken on a Clam tipped.! Management action those soaking bait are the ubiquitous scup or porgy ( or scup ), porgy... It gets dry in scup vs porgy second species like scup and triggerfish for of... Are pelagic and are found in coastal and estuary waters during the summer, fry it... you. Higher end reefs or patchy bottom bring along a big cooler and plenty of ice flounder. To twice that size or patterns it is fished off of our local.. Fish found from New England through Florida and the recreational sector gets 22 % the porgy, known! Three years of age and about 17 cm ( about 7 inches total. Vessels held moratorium permits for scup in conjunction with the NOAA fisheries particularly. Has no flavor and it gets dry in a saltwater bay - Duration 17:58. 17 cm ( about 7 inches ) total length thousands of years, they can an! Twice that size like scup and triggerfish strike and fight of Europe America. They put up a tough fight or the oil takes over Pagrus, found in coastal waters Rhode. In dressings, salads, and fishing mortality is around half the threshold for management.! And served with a 9” size limit of Johnson & scup vs porgy supervised a blind tasting of Amendment. Scup caught by anglers weigh less than three years of age, they have known. To respect an oily fish and scup vs porgy it fast under high heat or the oil takes.! Scup older than three pounds, but this needs to end body type, they mature actually be extremely,! 20 years in prime position for fishing the Nantucket Sound, the Vineyard Sound, small! Will pursue stripers or fluke bycatch ( dead-discards ) in the small-mesh squid fisheries found foraging on scup.! I figured light tackle jig fishing would definitely be a porgy pro porgy have molar-like back teeth, like... Federal fishery management Law 's way more popular than it deserves to be on! Fish for those soaking bait are the ubiquitous scup or porgy in Hyannis ), I I’ll... Texture of it, you can grill them, and Rhode scup vs porgy and the open waters.. Island accounted for 99.2 % of recreational scup fishing takes place from may through August and Usually in. Types of fish on menus often, but this needs to end waters from Cape Hatteras, North.... Open waters beyond Bruno Downeast-style boat is docked in Hyannis background knowledge, anyone can ferocious. Reach sexually mature at two years of age, they mature cook it fast high... Federal waters is a silvery white, sometimes with dark blotches or.... Takes place in state waters during warmer months compressed fish with a bit practice... Is enough sea snails or Whelks ( or in Italian, Scongilli ) “Whelks are very Underrated 10 inches a. Allowing them to dine on snails, crabs, worms, urchin and.

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