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They may include the three stages of Life – the Mother, Maiden and Crone who stand in for youth, adulthood and seniority. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The Aztec cosmos was tripartite: a visible world of humans and nature lay suspended between supernatural levels above (illustrated by Tlaloc, god of thunderstorms and rain) and below (Tlaltechutli, the monstrous earth goddess). Enter your email address to subscribe to the Sorcerer of Tea and receive notifications of new posts by email. Freya. The Greek creation myth begins with the god of love, Eros, who creates the sky and the earth and makes them fall in love. Get on any of these gods and goddesses’ wrong side, and you’re pretty much doomed. Liminal and cyclical deities often overlap with other types of god. The Hindu religion is the majority religion in India, and Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer represent the most significant cluster of Hindu gods. Tutelary gods are guardians. God of strength and power. image: greek-mythology-pantheon.com Poseidon God of the Sea (Po-Sigh'-dun) Poseidon was god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses and is considered one of the most bad-tempered, moody and greedy Olympian gods. The Norse myths were written down in fragments until The Prose Edda, compiled in the 13th century, and they include pre-Christian stories of the great deeds of old Scandinavia and the myths of its creation. The Israelites worshiped him, in the form of a … Hero mythsare, perhaps, the most entertaining of all forms of mythology. Examples of trickster characters include the Norse god Loki, the Greek god Hermes and the Native American Coyote, who is prominent in the myths of many tribes. In early modern folklore they were connected with fairies. Important and lingering figures in the historical texts on Chinese gods and goddesses include the "Eight Immortals," the "Two Heavenly Bureaucrats," and "Two Mother Goddesses.". Nature gods are more than simply the gods of natural features (those are tutelary gods, so keep reading). N.S. God of marriage ceremonies, inspiring feasts and song. The creation myths of ancient Egypt were complex, with several versions, but they all start with the god Atum who creates order from chaos. Many of the gods in the Aztec pantheon are much older than the Aztec culture, called pan-Mesoamerican; learning about these ten deities—Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc, Tonatiuh, Tezcatlipoca, Chalchiuhtlicue, Centeotl, Quetzalcoatl, Xipe Totec, Mayahuel, and Tlaltechutli—will introduce you to the Aztec cosmos. These beings could be called on in times of trouble, or to pray to for good harvests, or to support the people in wars. The Late Postclassic period Aztec culture of Mesoamerica (1110–1521 CE) worshiped more than 200 different deities spanning three broad classes of Aztec life—the heavens, fertility and agriculture, and war. Sometimes the lines between these categories get a little blurry (looking at you Athena). Our Holy Database aims to cover all Gods of mythology, literature and legend. I love creating pantheons. Among the most ancient of cultures, the people of Babylon developed a diverse melting pot of deities, derived from the older Mesopotamian cultures. Hypnos. The role they played on earth varies greatly, from none at all to direct one-on-one meddling. But early druids didn't commit their religious texts to paper or stone, so much of Celtic antiquity is lost to modern-day students. The heroes are probably the best-known part of Greek mythology, but what makes a hero?. They are often one and the same with trickster deities. Tolkein's fantasy novels which included elves became popular, elves have become more popular and tend to lean more towards the latter type. Some believe the Vanir gods represent an older pantheon of the indigenous people whom the invading Indo-Europeans encountered. He was the protector of humanity and the powerful god of thunder who wielded a hammer named Mjöllnir. The most universal of the Japanese gods and goddesses include Izanami and Izanagi; Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi no Mikoto, and Susanoh; Ukemochi, Uzume, Ninigi, Hoderi, Inari; and the seven Shinto gods of Good Fortune. Trickster myths center around a specific archetypal character found in many cultures around the world. A liminal deity personifies crossing over, while a cyclical deity embodies the passing of some eternal cycle. Mythologies and legends of the Celts survive as oral tradition in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, and Germany. You've Heard about the powerful gods like Poseidon and Zeus, but did you know ancient China had a lot of powerful deities as well? Familiarity with 10 of the most widely known Hindu gods—Ganesha, Shiva, Krishna, Rama, Hanuman, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Durga, Kali, Saraswati— offers an insight into the rich tapestry of ancient Hindu belief. The Maya predate the Aztec, and like the Aztec, based some of their theology on the existing pan-Mesoamerican religions. Types of Gods. Quite a few belief systems also include a warning of the consequences for fighting against death, or stopping the death god from performing his duties. For obvious reasons, these are more often than not the same concept. Directly in contrast to rustic deities are craft deities. Here are some examples: 1. The Norse Gods are the mythological characters that, as far as we know, came from the Northern Germanic tribes of the 9th century AD. Over time the word elf, as w… From their perch on Mount Olympus, the major gods such as Apollo and Aphrodite acted like and even associated with, humans, leading to god/human hybrids called demigods. Commonalities are widespread. The Arabic text, displayed under the stone, describesthe above symbol of Tannit: Temehu.com's translation of the Arabic text at the Museum: "The Goddess Tannit. Mayan deities rule over a tripartite cosmos and were applied to for assistance in war or childbirth; they also ruled over specific periods of time, having feast days and months built into the calendar. It was not uncommon for what was originally the tutelary god of a city to become an important part of the pantheon, such as Athena and Athens, or Marduk and Babylon. Campbell writes:Campbell’s answer, ultimately, is that myths teach meaning. Building on real world myths will help you create a great fictional mythology. Get acquainted with the mythology of many different countries and cultures, including Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian mythologies. They might, however, illustrate admirable human traits, such as valor or morality. Modern-day moviegoers know of the likes of Thor and Odin and Loki, but becoming familiar with 15 of the classic Norse gods (Andvari, Balder, Freya, Frigg, Loki, Njord, the … Almost every mythology has at least one primordial god. They include Ymir from Norse mythology, Pangu in Chinese mythology, or Chaos in the Greek creation myth. In my spare time, I commit acts of tea sorcery, collect antiques, and work as a Social Media Manager. Now as opposed to a strict categorization as one of the Norse gods, Ymir was perceived more as the ‘first being’ who was created by the ice of Niflheim combined with the heat of Muspelheim, long before t… I write about LGBT representation in fantasy, worldbuilding, pop culture and the mechanics of paracosms. Many of the Babylonian gods and myths appear in the Judeo-Christian bible, early versions of Noah and the flood, and Moses in the bullrushes, and of course the tower of Babylon. They are most often elder deities, who predate human civilization, and represent animalistic desires and instincts. Right after magic systems. But ancient people configured their pantheon of gods whether they were all powerful or part human, or stuck to their own realm or visited on earth, meddling directly in the affairs of humans. All ancient civilizations have creation myths, explaining how the world was created from chaos. The Greek major gods are Zeus, the leader of Olympian gods and the god of thunder, Poseidon, the god of horses and the sea, and Hades, the ruler of the Underworld. The religion was remarkably stable throughout that time, made up of gods who controlled the sky (the sun god Re) and the underworld (Osiris, god of the dead), with one brief adventure into monotheism under the New Kingdom reign of Akhenaten. Primordial gods exist as the unknowable power that created the world, and came before the more human-like deities that now form the pantheon. Monuments, texts, and even public offices bear the marks of Egypt's myriad gods. The Norse creation myth is that the god Surt both creates and destroys the world. Sometimes, these gods are also primordial deities – in Egyptian myth, Ptah is god of crafting and also creator of the universe, and in Babylonian mythology, Mummu fills the same role. These gods created the universe in some type of creation myth or another. Celestial gods may overlap with primordial gods in some way. Some have numerous. In Norse mythology, the giants came first, and then the Old Gods (the Vanir) who were later supplanted by the New Gods (the Aesir). There were 12 major gods in Greek mythology, more than 300 in Nordic mythology, and over 2,000 worshiped in Ancient Egypt. The gods would often step in, either to aid the hero or interfere and, thus, a myth was born. There is no doubt that the Athena of Herodotus, whom the Amazon worshippedaround Lake Tritonis, was none other than the Libyan Goddess Tannit, as shownby the two spears she carries in various depictions, and sometimes by the weavingshuttle. Also, we own none of the characters mentioned, or The Percy Jackson series where the inspiration for this quiz came from. Zeus focuses on infantry, heroes, and favor generation, while Poseidon boosts cavalry and water operations, and Hades watches over archers, goldand town defenses. It is worth noting however, that gods and their actions, communications and general involvement of the affairs of humankind are visible across all types of Myth. Greek myth takes many forms, from religious myths of origin to folktales and legends of heroes. Contrary to popular belief, Thanatos was the Greek god of death, not Hades (a celestial deity of the underworld). Dionysus was probably a Rustic god originally for similar reasons, but became a craft god for political reasons. There are Myths that also allude to either the early days of a utopian human existence, preceding the afflictions of disease, death and suffering, or the existence of an afterlife, that also capture an essence of the divine. Morpheus. Personifications are often numerous, more minor deities, who are literally aspects of human existence and emotion given an anthropomorphic form. God of satire, mockery, censure, writers and poets and a spirit of evil-spirited blame and unfair criticism. He was first called Baal-Peor, and he was associated with orgies, and other types of lewdness. As a mere boy Jason, the heir to the kingdom of Ancient ... See full summary » Stars: Derek Jacobi, Olivia Williams, Angus Macfadyen, Dennis Hopper. Versions of gods; Greek Version Roman Version Etruscan Version Norse Version Adonis Atunis Aphrodite: Venus: Turan: Freyja: Apollo: Apollo: Aplu: Baldur: Ares: Mars: Laran: Tyr: Artemis: Diana: Artume: Skadi: Athena: Minerva: Menrva: Frigg, Freya Chloris: Flora Demeter: Ceres Sif Dionysus: Bacchus: Fufluns Eos: Aurora: Thesan Hades: Pluto: Aita: Hel: Harmonia Hebe: Juventas: Idunn … God of dreams and sleep – has the ability to take any human form and appear in dreams. Primordial gods exist as the unknowable power that created the world, and came before the more human-like deities that now form the pantheon. The Hindu tradition counts thousands of major and minor gods within its ranks, who are celebrated and honored under a wide variety of names and avatars. For example, Loki invented nets and gave humans the ability to fish. Freya was one of the most sensual and passionate goddesses in Norse mythology. All ancient civilizations on our planet have gods and goddesses, or at least important, mythical leaders who brought the world into existence. Like with most mythologies, including Mesopotamian and Egyptian, the Norse pantheon had its primeval entity in the form of Ymir, the ancestor of all jötnar (mythic entities that ranged from giants to other fantastical creatures). Primordial gods may be the literal aspect of concepts such as day and night, darkness and light, chaos and order, time, death, or even the universe itself. This is a list of Roman gods and goddesses that are in Roman mythology. Their motives are generally unknowable to mortals. Ancient China worshiped a vast network of local and regional mythological deities, nature spirits, and ancestors, and reverence for those gods persisted well into the modern era. If you think I might’ve missed something, let me know in the comments. Some pantheons have demi-gods, beings who are the children of gods and humans. They are supernatural beings in Germanic mythology and folklore, elves were first attested in Old English and Old Norse texts and are prominent in British and Scandinavian folklore. These stories were passed down in the form of poetry until the 11th – 18th centuries when the Eddas and other texts were written. The Triple Goddess is an ancient archetype. However, the Romans would assume this was a depiction of Jupiter, the king of gods. The Libyan Goddess Tannit (Neith) at Assaraya AlhamraMuseum, Tripoli, Libya. They don't necessarily explain any natural phenomenon or major life occurrence. Greek. Votes: 4,820 He was known to be vengeful when insulted. Each of the three culture types have three deity subtypes, represented by a major deity (Zeus, Ra, etc.). Nereus The Shinto creation myth has an agricultural bent to it: The world of chaos was changed when a germ of life created a muddy sea, and the first plant eventually became the first god. The second type of tutelary deity are the guardians of the world around us, such as river deities, mountain gods, forest gods (In Slavic mythology Leshy is tutelary god of the woods), and even minor tutelary spirits such as the nymphs of specific springs or woods in Greek mythology. The Norse gods are divided into 2 major groups, the Aesir and Vanir, plus the giants, who came first. Many people can name at least some of the major Greek deities, but the list of gods in ancient Greece runs into the thousands. In terms of gods, the Greek pantheon consists of 12 deities who were said to reside at Mount Olympus: Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, … Athena represented useful crafts such as weaving. Greek mythology calls these gods “Rustic” deities. Cultural heroes are often punished by the other gods for these acts, but through their trickery or defiance, allowed humans to prosper. Tannit is regarded a… Ancinet-Mythology.com provides a reference to the many stories that have been formed by peoples from all over the Earth, throughout all of time—from the fascinating legends and myths of the Greeks to the warrior gods in Norse mythology. Or should have, anyway. In Roman mythology, Chaos itself created Gaia, the Earth, and Ouranos, the Heavens. Among the Norse gods, he was known for his bravery, strength, healing powers and righteousness. Over the millennia, China has embraced and developed three major religions, all established first in the 5th or 6th century BCE: Confucianism (led by Confucius 551-479 BC), Buddhism (led by Siddhartha Gautama), and Taoism (led by Lao Tzu, d. 533 BCE). He got his start in Assyria, many, many years ago. For example, Pan is the Greek god of revelry, the wilds and lust. View all posts by Isaac. Greek and Roman Mythology. Zeus (a Greek god) is depicted here throwing lightning. Thor was Odin’s most widely-known son. The cross-cultural study is a fascinating one. Important gods in the Maya pantheon include the creator god Itzamna and the moon goddess Ix Chel, as well as Ah Puch, Akan, Huracan, Camazotz, Zipacna, Xmucane and Xpiacoc, Chac, Kinich Ahau, Chac Chel, and Moan Chan. The Norse creation myth is that the god Surt both creates and destroys the world. Many of the demigods were warriors who walked and fought alongside humans in the stories written down in the Iliad and Odyssey. Triple goddesses and death gods are often cyclical in nature. Death gods may cause death, or may only be there to release the soul from the human body when it passes on. But the important distinctions are that these deities probably walk in human form at least sometimes, possess human-like emotions, and control but do not physically make up the thing they personify. But ultimately, they are responsible for cutting that tie in some manner. Death gods are found in essentially every pantheon. Fifteen gods (Anubis, Bastet, Bes, Geb, Hathor, Horus, Neith, Isis, Nephthys, Nut, Osiris, Ra, Set, Shu, and Tefnut) stand out as being the most significant religiously or the most prominent in terms of the political power of their priesthoods. Godchecker is 100% non-denominational. Representing things the Greeks deemed as inappropriate for civilized society. However, ever since J.R.R. These gods created the universe in some type of creation myth or another. The Greek god of sleep. Celestial gods personify or control are the cosmological bodies of the universe. Primordial gods may have some anthropomorphic form, such as the Greek Nyx who dwelt in a physical place, but others may not at all (Gaia is literally the Earth, and Ymir forms the components of universe). All ancient societies included gods and goddesses in their mythologies. Norse mythology brings us the Norns, Greek mythology has the Moirai (Fates in Latin), and Irish mythology the Morrigan. The Japanese religion is Shinto, first documented in the 8th century CE. They are the gods of boundaries, change, and cycles. They generally are the gods or spirits of emotions (like fear, lust, hate, revenge), humans conditions (old age, war), or sins (hubris, greed, or gluttony). Hestia was goddess of the hearth. We’ve narrowed that list down to the six craziest and most terrifying deities of all time. Many religions have a triple deity of some sort, but the triple goddesses are generally rulers or foretellers of fate in some manner. But they’re cultural heroes because they gave humanity something important, usually against the wishes of the other gods. Creatures and Monsters from Greek Mythology. A handy table of equivalents between 15 similar Greek and Roman gods—Venus is Aphrodite in Roman clothing, while Mars is the Roman version of Ares—shows just how similar they were. Anansi won all the stories in the world from Nyame, and shared them. The Romans sustained a religion that adopted most of the Greek gods for their own with different names and slightly different myths. These include the sun (such as Apollo), the moon (Selene), stars (Asteria), the planets, the heavens or underworld. Without further ado, lets jump into the 11 different types of gods you probably have in your pantheon. But they represent major elements of the world humans tend to try and explain. (Now do you see why I said the titans were really big?) Nearly two dozen Celtic deities remain of interest today: Alator, Albiorix, Belenus, Borvo, Bres, Brigantia, Brigit, Ceridwen, Cernunnos, Epona, Esus, Latobius, Lenus, Lugh, Maponus, Medb, Morrigan, Nehalennia, Nemausicae, Nerthus, Nuada, and Saitama. They include Ymir from Norse mythology, Pangu in Chinese mythology, or Chaos in the Greek creation myth. Their creation myth is narrated in the Popul Vuh: six deities lie in the primordial waters and eventually create the world for us. Cultural heroes are found in practically every religion. Tefnut’s rage caused droughts; her return brought renewed life; and oh, yeah, she was the mother of the gods of the sky and earth, and grandmother of Egypt’s principal gods, Horus, Isis, Osiris and Set. Psychopomps, from Greek to mean “Guide of Souls”, are deities who guide the dead to the afterlife. Apollo - The god of light, music, and healing Aurora - The goddess of dawn Bacchus - The god of agriculture and wine Polytheism is much more fun than monotonous monotheism. Luckily, after the Roman advance into Britain, first the Romans and then the early Christian monks copied down the druidic oral histories, including stories of the shape-shifting goddess Ceridwen and the horned fertility god Cernunnos. Psychopomps may also help the dead accomplish their last deeds, or judge the dead for entry to the afterlife. Hephaestus is the obvious Greek example. She has been featured by NPR and National Geographic for her ancient history expertise. I won’t claim every pantheon in the real world has every one of these types of god, or that you have to include them all. Ancient Egyptian gods are recorded on tombs and manuscripts beginning in the Old Kingdom of about 2600 BCE and lasting until the Romans conquered Egypt in 33 BCE. Welcome to our quiz! Scholar Joseph Campbell notes how mythology is the underlying form of every civilization and the underpinning of each individual’s consciousness. Kratos. In his seminal work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, he discusses what he calls the “monomyth”, the similarities in theme, characters, purpose, and narrative progression of myths from different cultures, at different times, around the world and throughout history. To the Aztecs, religion, science and the arts were interconnected and meshed almost seamlessly. I'm Skytano and the other author is Katelyn! They also incorporated without too much discrimination the gods of particular interest to a newly conquered group, the better to foster assimilation in their imperialistic ventures. Having monsters to fight, that's what. Greek mythology calls some of these types of gods Daimons, though the general category of personifications is wider. In addition to Venus and Mars, the most significant Roman gods are Diana, Minerva, Ceres, Pluto, Vulcan, Juno, Mercury, Vesta, Saturn, Proserpina, Neptune, and Jupiter. Gill is a Latinist, writer, and teacher of ancient history and Latin. The titans in the first generation are the aunts, uncles, and parents of Zeus and company — the well-known Olympian gods and goddesses).These titans are the 12 children of the primordial personifications of the earth (Gaia) and the sky (). By using Learn Religions, you accept our, The Laws of Manu: Full Text Translation by G. Buhler, The Goddess Durga: The Mother of the Hindu Universe, Vishwakarma, the Hindu Lord of Architecture, M.A., Linguistics, University of Minnesota. I'm an incurably Australian writer, worldbuilder and nerd. So they’re overwhelmingly common. The Greek mythology names of the gods and goddesses varied from the Roman names, although each culture ascribed to deities with comparable powers and spheres of influence. One of the most legendary adventures in all mythology is brought to life in Jason and the Argonauts, an epic saga of good and evil. Cite. Daughter of the sun god Ra, she was depicted as a lion-headed goddess, occasionally with the body of a serpent. We both hope you enjoy this quiz and like your result. Or the Worldbuilding Magazine’s issue on Mythology. For example the passing of the seasons (Persephone‘s movement back and forth from the underworld causing spring), the stages of life (the Mother, Maiden and Crone), and Ra, as he dies and is reborn with the sun every day. All Gods are welcome, whether Greek, Roman, Egyptian, or of No Fixed Abode. Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and taught how to make it to humans. But I’ve sat there scratching my head more than once, questioning what different types of gods are absolutely essential for a pantheon. The Celtic culture refers to an Iron Age European people (1200–15 BCE) who interacted with the Romans, and it is that interaction that provided much of what we know of their religion. Eight gods (Apollo, Areas, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, Hermes, Poseidon, Zeus) are arguably the most important of the Greek gods. I’ve made enough of them over time, and when worldbuilding, it is near the top of my list of worldbuilding essentials. Origin: Christian demonology and Kabbalic mythology. Literally, thousands of gods are named in Sumerian and Akkadian, some of the oldest writing on the planet. According to Hesiod, four primary divine beings first came into existence: the Gap ( Chaos ), Earth ( Gaea ), the Abyss ( Tartarus ), and Love ( Eros ). It combines a traditional pantheon of gods, including a creator couple Izanami ("He who invites") and Izanagi ("She who invites"), while borrowing from Japan's neighbors and ancient homegrown animism. Quite literally the gods of crafts, but more broadly, the gods who represent civilisation, the achievements of man, and the order it brings. There are certain types of gods that are near universal in real mythology. This broad category generally includes two forms of god, the first being what the Romans called Genius, the personal guardian deities every person possesses. If you still need more inspiration, check out my list of the 9 types of creation myths for your next step. Tutelary gods also include the patrons gods of cities, which just as commonly grew into larger figures when cities prospered. https://ageofempires.fandom.com/wiki/Greeks_(Age_of_Mythology) Modern-day moviegoers know of the likes of Thor and Odin and Loki, but becoming familiar with 15 of the classic Norse gods (Andvari, Balder, Freya, Frigg, Loki, Njord, the Norns, Odin, Thor, and Tyr) will better illuminate their pantheon. Belphegor is absolutely unbelievable. The creative process began with the forcible separation of Gaea from her doting consort Heaven ( Uranus) in order to allow her progeny to be born. First Generation Titans of Greek Mythology . In the end, the Aesir, the newcomers, overcame and assimilated the Vanir. Death is a universal human experience, after all. In these tales, a hero would be tasked with a lofty assignment. Apollo: God of the Sun, Light, Knowledge, Music, Poetry, Prophecy, Diseases and Healing. The most famous hero is probably Hercules (Herakles in Greek). To pay for a crime he had to complete … Explore Greek mythology and discover the 12 Olympians, minor gods and goddesses, titans, creatures and myths of ancient Hellenic civilization.

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